This section highlights competition success (in open events, and in the annual junior school inter-house). All web articles featuring detailed competition results can be found by clicking Results in the list of tags in the left margin.

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5-7 May 2012 British Youth Championships

U16Foil34thAdam Aspden
U14Epee3rdAdam Whitelaw (BRONZE)
U14Epee2ndAndrew Hughes (SILVER)
U14Sabre9thBen Dines
U12Epee19thArthur Goggin
U12Foil18thFergus James

22 January 2012, Surrey Youth Championships

U18Epee1stElliot Grover (GOLD)
U16Foil5thAdam Aspden
U14Epee3rdTim Pearson (BRONZE)
U14Epee3rdAdam Whitelaw (BRONZE)
U14Epee6thLuke Wells
U14Epee10thOakley Hill-Smith
U14Foil3rdEdward Blackman (BRONZE)
U14Foil3rdOwen Tuck (BRONZE)
U14Sabre5thJames Marsden
U12Epee5thHarrison Hazeldine
U12Foil2ndFergus James (SILVER)
U12Foil5thLewis Tuck
U12Foil6thEthan Wells
U12Foil8thGeorge Garton
U12Foil21stZaki Boudjemaa
U10Foil1stLachlan Jarvie (GOLD)
U10Foil3rdRudi Bruijn-Yard (BRONZE)
U10Sabre1stDominic Norton-Raybould (GOLD)

20 November 2011, Kent U16 & Senior Championships

SeniorEpee2ndElliot Grover (SILVER)
U16Epee3rdAdam Whitelaw (BRONZE)
U16Epee5thElliot Wedge
U16Epee6thTim Pearson
U16Foil2ndAdam Aspden (SILVER)
U16Sabre6thBen Dines
U16Sabre8thJames Marsden

13 November 2011, LPJS Bath Epee

U13Epee2ndAdam Whitelaw (SILVER)
U13Epee11thAndrew Hughes

October 2011, Royal Stennick Challenge

Eltham College won the trophy "Royal Stennick Cup" for the most number of points overall.

Individual results for EC fencers are:

U18Foil1stAdam Aspden (GOLD)
U14Foil=3rdDimitri Webb (BRONZE)
U14Foil=3rdEdward Blackman (BRONZE)
U14Foil6thCharlie Cooper
U14Foil7thToby Baldwin
U14Epee2ndOakley Hill-Smith (SILVER)
U14Epee=3rdElliot Wedge (BRONZE)
U14Epee=3rdAndrew Hughes (BRONZE)
U14Epee5thHarry Calder
U14Epee6thHarrison Hazeldine
U14Epee7thLuke Wells
U14Epee8thTim Pearson
U14Sabre1stBen Dines (GOLD)
U14Sabre2ndJames Marsden (SILVER)
U14Sabre3rdFelix Rahilly (BRONZE)
U10Foil1stLachlan Jarvie (GOLD)
U10Foil2ndEthan Wells (SILVER)
U10Foil3rdZaki Boundjemaa (BRONZE)

GB U20 Championships (official results)

U20Epee20thElliott Grover

British Selection Circuit U20/U17 London Epee (official results)

U20/U17Epee56thElliott Grover
U20/U17Epee94thJordan Ratcliffe

LPJS MXfencing (West Malling) Sabre

U12Sabre5thJames Marsden
U10Sabre3rdFelix O’Rahilly (BRONZE)

LPJS Arnold (Blackpool) Epee

U17Epee1stElliott Grover (GOLD)
U15Epee7thHarry Calder
U13Epee3rdAdam Whitelaw (BRONZE)
U13Epee5thAndrew Hughes

London Youth Games (official results)

Adam Aspden, Andrew Hughes, Adam Whitelaw (SILVER)

Young Bill Hoskyns Epee 2011 (official results)

Adam Whitelaw (SILVER)

LPJS Camden Sabre

Ben Dines 24th place
James Marsden 25th place
Tom Hood 28th place

England Youth Championships 2011 (official results)

U13 Sabre Tom Hood 32nd place
U13 Sabre James Marsden 34th place
U15 Foil Adam Aspden 16th place
U13 Foil Andrew Hughes 10th place
U13 Foil Luke Wells 45th place
U11 Foil Fergus James 8th place (MEDAL)
U11 Foil George Garton 10th place
U11 Foil Lewis Tuck 22nd place
U11 Foil Toby Baldwin 43rd place
U11 Foil Ethan Wells 45th place
U11 Foil Arthur Goggin 54th place
U13 Epee Adam Whitelaw 14th place
U13 Epee Andrew Hughes 19th place
U13 Epee Tim Pearson 35th place

7 May 2011, Warwick LPJS Epee

U17 2nd Elliot Grover (SILVER)
U17 11th Jordan Ratcliffe

U13 13th Andrew Hughes

1-2 May 2011, British Youth Championships (official results)

U18 Foil 39th Elliot Grover

U14 Epee 12th Andrew Hughes
U14 Epee 34th Adam Whitelaw

U14 Foil 21st Andrew Hughes

U12 Sabre 8th Ben Dines (MEDAL)
U12 Sabre 33rd Thomas Hood

16 April 2011, Elite Epee Junior Final (official results)

U13 2nd Adam Whitelaw (SILVER)

22-24 March 2011, Public Schools Championships (official results)

Junior Events Epee 9th Elliott Grover
Junior Events Epee 49th Jordan Ratcliffe

Junior Events Foil 28th Elliott Grover
Junior Events Foil 59th Jordan Ratcliffe

Junior Events Sabre 26th Elliott Grover
Junior Events Sabre 47th Jordan Ratcliffe

Mount Haes Events Epee 9th Adam Aspden
Mount Haes Events Epee 11th Tim Pearson
Mount Haes Events Epee 19th Harry Calder
Mount Haes Events Epee 43rd Owen Tuck
Mount Haes Events Epee 48th Oliver Noone
Mount Haes Events Epee 57th Elliot Wedge

Mount Haes Events Foil 1st Adam Aspden (GOLD)
Mount Haes Events Foil 36th Oliver Noone
Mount Haes Events Foil 38th Tim Pearson
Mount Haes Events Foil 39th Harry Calder
Mount Haes Events Foil 88th Owen Tuck
Mount Haes Events Foil 93rd Elliot Wedge

Mount Haes Events Sabre 17th Adam Aspden
Mount Haes Events Sabre 19th Harry Calder
Mount Haes Events Sabre 20th Tim Pearson
Mount Haes Events Sabre 33rd Oliver Noone
Mount Haes Events Sabre 42nd Elliot Wedge
Mount Haes Events Sabre 48th Owen Tuck

12-13 March 2011, British School Team Championships (official results)

U15 Epee 8th Eltham College (Jordan Ratcliffe*, Harry Caulder, Adam Aspden, Ollie Noone)

U15 Foil 3rd Eltham College (Jordan Ratcliffe, Harry Caulder, Adam Aspden*, Ollie Noone)

U13 Sabre 6th Eltham College (Ben Dimes*, Tom Hood, James Marsden)

U13 Epee 3rd Eltham College (Andrew Hughes*, Tim Pearson, Elliot Wedge) (BRONZE)

U13 Foil 3rd Eltham College A (Owen Tuck*, Andrew Hughes, Tim Pearson and Elliott Wedge) (BRONZE)
U13 Foil 7th Eltham College B (Tom Hood*, James Marsden, Edward B, Ben Dimes)

U11 Epee 2nd Eltham College (Oakley Hill-Smith, Luke Wells and Harrison Hazeldine) (SILVER)

U11 Foil 3rd Eltham College A (Luke Wells, Lewis Tuck, Fergus James and Isak Larsson-Yaprak) (BRONZE)
U11 Foil 8th Eltham College B (Christian M, Harrison Hazeldine*, Oakley Hill-Smith, Rik T)

26-27 February 2011, South East England Championships

U18 Foil 3rd Elliott Grover (BRONZE)

U16 Foil 5th Adam Aspden

U14 Epee 3rd Adam Whitelaw (BRONZE)

U14 Foil 2nd Andrew Hughes (SILVER)

U12 Foil 6th Luke Wells

U12 Sabre 3rd Ben Dines (BRONZE)
U12 Sabre 3rd Tom Hood (BRONZE)

30 January 2011, Brixton LPJS Epee

U15 15th Harry Calder

U13 1st Andrew Hughes (GOLD)
U13 2nd Adam Whitelaw (SILVER)

U11 8th Christian Mitchell
U11 9th Harrison Hazeldine

23 January 2011, Surrey Youth Championships

U18 Epee 3rd Elliott Grover (BRONZE)

U16 Foil 2nd Adam Aspden (SILVER)

U14 Epee 1st Harry Calder (GOLD)
U14 Epee 2nd Andrew Hughes (SILVER)
U14 Epee 7th Elliott Wedge
U14 Epee 8th Tim Pearson

U12 Sabre 1st Ben Dines (GOLD)

U14 Foil 3rd Owen Tuck (BRONZE)

U12 Foil 5th Fergus James
U12 Foil 7th Edward Blackman
U12 Foil 10th James Marsdon

U10 Foil 1st Lewis Tuck (GOLD)
U10 Foil 2nd Isak Larsson-Yaprak (SILVER)
U10 Foil 3rd Arthur Goggin (BRONZE)

16 January 2011, U16 & U18 Kent Championships

U16 Foil 2nd Adam Aspden (SILVER)

U16 Epee 6th Jordan Ratcliffe

U18 Epee 2nd Elliott Grover (SILVER)

U16 Sabre 3rd Adam Aspden (BRONZE)

12 December 2010, Elite Epee #2 (official results)

U16 32nd Harry Calder
U16 41st Jordan Ratcliffe

U13 6th Adam Whitelaw
U13 9th Andrew Hughes
U13 23rd Ben Ellis

LPJS 2010 Rankings (official results)

U15 Epee 16th/74 Jordan Ratcliffe

U15 Foil 44th/91 Adam Aspden

U13 Epee 8th/83 Harry Calder (PRIZE)
U13 Epee 12th/83 Adam Whitelaw
U13 Epee 17th/83 Andrew Hughes

U13 Foil 97th/126 Owen Tuck

U11 Foil 88th/106 Harrison Hazeldine
U11 Foil 88th/106 Benjamin Dines
U11 Foil 88th/106 Christian Mitchell

U9 Foil 27th/45 Michal Burda
U9 Foil 30th/45 Lewis Tuck

14th November 2010, LPJS Epee, Bath

U13 9th Harry Calder

28th November 2010, LPJS Epee, Packwood

U13 5th Harry Calder

23 October 2010, Elite Epee #1 (official results)

U13 3rd Andrew Hughes (BRONZE)
U13 5th Adam Whitelaw
U13 15th Ben Ellis
U13 25th Oakley Hill-Smith

U16 37th Jordan Ratcliffe

10 October 2010, LPJS Foil, Camden

U9 7th Michal Burda
U9 8th Lewis Tuck

U11 25th Harrison Hazeldine
U11 27th Ben Dines
U11 30th Christian Mitchell

U13 37th Owen Tuck

U15 11th Adam Aspden

19 September 2010, Premier Foil, Southampton (official results)

U9 7th Michal Burda
U9 9th Ethan Wells

U11 11th Luke Wells

18 September 2010, Manchester Cadet (official results)

U17 Epee 40th Elliot Grover
U17 Epee 47th Jordan Ratcliffe

U17 Foil 72nd Adam Aspden

12 September 2010, British Selection Circuit (Foil) (official results)

U20 75th Adam Aspden

12 September 2010, British Selection Circuit (Epee) (official results)

U20 52nd Elliot Grover
U20 77nd Jordan Ratcliffe

2010, London Youth Games

1st Bromley (GOLD) (junior fencing team supplied by Eltham College)

4 July 2010, Bromley Schools Challenge

U10 Foil 1st Fergus James (GOLD)
U10 Foil 2nd Michael Burda (SILVER)
U10 Foil 5th Ethan Wells
U10 Foil 7th Zaki Boudjemaa

U12 Foil 1st Ben Dines (GOLD)
U12 Foil 2nd Luke Wells (SILVER)
U12 Foil 3rd James Marsden (BRONZE)
U12 Foil 3rd George Garton (BRONZE)
U12 Foil 5th Oakley Hill-Smith
U12 Foil 14th Christian Mitchell

19-20 June 2010, England Youth Championships 2010

U11 Epee Oakley Hill-Smith 11th place

U11 Foil Luke Wells 24th place
U11 Foil Ben Dines 32nd place
U11 Foil Christian Mitchell 33rd place
U11 Foil Ethan Wells 49th place

U13 Epee Andrew Hughes 11th place
U13 Epee Adam Whitelaw 19th place

U13 Foil Andrew Hughes 24th place
U13 Foil Harry Calder 35th place
U13 Foil Elliot Wedge 57th place
U13 Foil Tim Pearson 60th place

U15 Foil Adam Aspden 38th

13 June 2010, London Youth Games

Bromley junior team (comprised of Eltham fencers), 6th

23 May 2010, Invicta Foil

U11 1st Fergus James (GOLD)

22 May 2010, Premier Foil Championship, Bristol

U9 Last 8 Michal Burda

16 May 2010, Kent Foil Championships 2010

U14 2nd Adam Aspden (SILVER)

U12 1st Adam Whitelaw (GOLD)
U12 2nd Luke Wells (SILVER)
U12 3rd Owen Tuck (BRONZE)
U12 Last 8 Oakley Hill-Smith
U12 Last 8 Tim Pearson
U12 Last 8 Elliott Wedge
U12 Last 16 Ben Dines
U12 Last 16 Ben Ellis

U10 1st Fergus James (GOLD)
U10 2nd Ethan Wells (SILVER)
U10 3rd= Lewis Tuck (BRONZE)
U10 3rd= George Garton (BRONZE)
U10 Last 8 Harrison Hazeldine
U10 Last 8 Christian Mitchell
U10 Last 8 Michal Burda
U10 Last 8 Charlie Cooper
U10 Last 16 Demitri Webb

1-3 May 2010, British Youth Championships (BYC) Finals, Sheffield

U12 Epee Adam Whitelaw 6th place (MEDAL)
U12 Epee Andrew Hughes 8th place (MEDAL)
U12 Foil Andrew Hughes 13th place
U14 Foil Adam Aspden 42nd place

24 April 2010, Epee, Leon Paul Junior Series (Warwick)

U13 6th Adam Whitelaw
U13 7th Andrew Hughes

24 April 2010, Foil, Academy Cup

U14 2nd Adam Aspden (SILVER)
U12 10th Owen Tuck
U10 8th Lewis Tuck
U10 9th George Garton

Elite Epee 2009/10

U13 3rd Adam Whitelaw (BRONZE)
U13 4th Andrew Hughes
U13 12th Harry Calder
U16 30th Jordan Ratcliffe
U16 33rd Elliott Grover

SUMMARY: Spring Term 2009/10

26 medals in 10 competitions, won by 10 different fencers

Eltham College Junior School Inter-House Championship

2010 ~ Livingstone
Andrew Hughes, George Garton, Richard Trew
event report
2008 ~ Moffat
Harry Peck, William Woodley
2007 ~ Carey
2006 ~ Carey