We have a small but growing collection of videos on the ECfencing YouTube channel including souvenirs from the 2009 and 2010 summer camps. If you'd like a copy of these videos on CD/DVD, please contact Tim.

The two summer camp videos were put together by Jon. Thanks Jon!


Roy Tanck's Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.


We have a large collection of high quality photos - from training sessions, events and competitions. Most have been taken by Tim and "Robin", with a few by Fergus (Club Photographer).

You can view a subset of the collection in Google Picasaweb. They've been compressed to save space, but nonetheless look great. When you click through, you'll be presented with a graphical list of albums. Click on an album cover to see all of the photos within the album.

The full collection (uncompressed) is held on the school's photo drive. Ask Tim for more details.

A small sample of the most recent additions to the online collection are shown below: