The Club leadership team is listed in the table below. Profiles of the coaches follow the table.

Head CoachTim O’Conor (profile)
CoachesKatie Dolan (epee) (profile)
Chris Galesloot (foil) (profile)
Elliot Grover (epee/foil) (profile)
Mick Johnson (epee) (profile)
Jon Rhodes (performance) (profile)
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PhotographerFergus Noone (Fergus Noone Photography)
Competitions SecretaryMary
Fund-Raising SecretaryKate
Web AdministratorAndy


Tim O'Conor (Head Coach)


Katie Dolan (Head Epee Coach)

After gaining a first class honours degree in Applied Sport & Exercise Science, Katie is currently studying for an MSc in Human Performance at Brunel University.

Katie has fenced since the age of 10, and won a Junior Commonwealth Gold Medal. She is a qualified fencing coach, has refereed at international level, and is Events Coordinator for British Fencing.

Katie is a member of the High Performance Training team.

Chris Galesloot (Head Foil Coach)

Having started fencing at the age of seven, Chris achieved the Dutch champion title in every youth category and competed internationally at Cadet and Junior levels before sustaining a serious knee injury at the age of 18 which forced him to take a fencing career break. After returning to fencing at the age of 25 (2001) Chris progressed on to qualify to World cup level in 2003 and to join the Dutch fencing team officially in 2007. After joining the squad he moved city to take a full time and fully funded place at the Olympic training centre in Papendal and trained there until leaving for the FIE coaching course in September 2009 and after that he moved to the UK. Chris's highest rankings were: 3rd on the Dutch ranking list, and 131st in the world.

Although Chris still fences, he is now more pursuing his coaching career, and he has dedicated himself to coaching others in this sport to achieve the best they can. Chris says "I am committed to bringing fencing to young people in a fun and accessible way". Since his migration to the UK, he has started to build up his life as a fencing coach and he is currently working successfully with a number of schools and adult clubs. Chris holds the highest internationally recognised qualification in foil fencing (FIE diploma in Foil Fencing) and has been, and still is working for the Dutch Fencing Federation as the national foil coach on European and World Championships both for the junior and the senior Dutch foilists.

Elliot Grover (Epee/Foil Coach)

Elliott started fencing at 10 years old - when fencing was re-introduced to the school - and he quickly became hooked with the sport. His pro-active attitude and high level of commitment has been an inspiration from the start and has been the secret behind the success of the team's continued development. It is fair to say that the team has grown up with Elliott. There is probably not a single fencer or coach at Eltham who hasn’t benefitted from Elliott’s advice, whether at training or at competition.

Elliott, who was ranked 52nd in epee in Great Britain in 2010, has assisted with coaching the younger fencers at the school since 2006. He is also a level 1 epee referee and has passed 2 modules of the Journeyman Armourers award. During October half term 2010, Elliott passed the Level 1 Coaching Awards in both foil and epee and subsequently became the youngest teacher on the school payroll!

Ells hasn’t forgotten that he is a fencer first; he still trains hard and competes in Cadet, Junior & Open competitions.

Jon Rhodes (Performance Coach)

Jon has worked with a variety of sports at both elite and amateur level for five years including rugby, football, boxing, kayaking and volleyball. After obtaining a Masters degree in 2007, he briefly worked for the LTA and at the British Judo Performance Institute before lecturing in colleges and universities.

He has set up two performance academies and currently works with elite fencers and rugby players. Jon is currently the performance director for GUE fencing; lecturer in sports psychology; and coaches at various clubs in both psychology and strength and conditioning.

Jon is a member of the High Performance Training team.

Mick Johnson (Epee Coach)

Mick started fencing in 1973, and went on to represent both Surrey and Middlesex
counties. He became Middlesex County Champion in all 3 weapons and regularly
made the finals in many Open competitions, training with Great Britain's Epee
Squad. A founder member of Egham Fencing Club, Mick has also been both
Middlesex County Fencing Union's Team Captain and Chairman.

Mick started coaching in 2001, he is presently coaching at Egham, Morely and
Reading Fencing Clubs, as well as Hampton, Charterhouse and American Community
School Egham. He started coaching at Eltham College in January 2011. Mick holds
Diploma (Level 5) at Epee and Foil under the British Academy of Fencing which is
an internatioanl qualification through the AAI. He is also a BFA Level 5 coach at both
epee and foil and Level 2 at sabre.

Although Mick doesn’t regulary compete any more, he did take part in the Fencing
Masters World Championship 2010, held every 4 years, taking a credible 5th place.