Eltham College Fencing Club exists to serve the fencing interests of pupils of Eltham College and its junior school (ECJS).

Established in the summer of 2005 as an after school activity for the junior school, the team was formed in January 2006, and since then fencing at Eltham College has grown beyond all expectations. Today, Eltham is recognised as one of the UK's premier fencing schools.

In addition to the annual junior school inter-house competition, the club offers a fencer of the year award and maintains a roster of club officers (captains, deputy captains, and team manager). School colours and other marks of achievement are awarded when appropriate. These are all summarised on the Achievements page. At a more fun level, there's a fencer of the week award that is presented at each Sunday training session.

The coaching staff have high expectations of the fencers, but there's a virtuous circle of responsibility between fencers, coaches and parents. The club has a set of Charters detailing what is expected of the fencers, and what can they expect of others.

The club is well rounded and offers social events in addition to training and competition. The events are not just for the benefit of the fencers - the 2008 Fenceathon raised £2500 for Smile International and Cystic Fibrosis.

For beginners, the club supplies all the necessary kit. Once fencers settle into the club they're usually keen to begin building their own set of kit, often beginning with a kit bag, foil, glove, jacket and breeches. These are available from a variety of sources (see Links) and there's plenty of advice available from the coaches.

This web site (www.ECfencing.org) is a dynamic and up-to-date location for parents, fencers and prospective fencers to learn about fencing activities at Eltham College and ECJS. Click here to subscribe to updates via email - it's simple and it's free.

Until the introduction of this site in April 2010, parents of fencers had relied on word-of-mouth and printed newsletters to know what was going-on in the fencing world at Eltham College. This meant lots of duplicated effort for the coaches (saying the same message over and again to separate parents), and lots of newsletters that sunk to the bottom of smelly fencing bags and never saw the light of day again.

This site offers the latest information on upcoming competitions, club coaching activities (including courses in the holidays), club events (such as charity fencathons) and other fencing activities and events that are of interest to the boys.

This site is a repository for:
  • Hints & tips for beginners (fencers and parents alike!) with features on buying kit and entering your first competition
  • Fact sheets on technique, warm-ups, diet, etc.
  • Competition results
  • Popular photos
The web site provides a range of different methods of getting informed of changes to the web site, so there's no excuse for not using at least one of these methods! Easiest of all is to sign-up for email updates. You'll receive a daily email containing all of the posts from the previous 24 hours - but only on days when there's something new. To subscribe, just click here and follow the simple instructions. You can use your home email address, your work address, or both - there's no charge to you, the club or the school.

The Members Area is for discussion amongst fencers, coaches and parents and is accessible by request. All fencers and parents are encouraged to request access and to participate fully. See the Members page for details on how to request access.

The web site is independent of Eltham College.

Coaching Staff (Past & Present)

Tim O'Conor (Head Coach) 2005 -
Katie Dolan (epee) 2009 -
Jon Rhodes (performance) 2009 -
Chris Galesloot (foil) 2010 -
Elliot Grover (epee/foil) 2010 -
Mick Johnson (epee) 2011 -
Gary Whelan (foil) 2008 - 2010