Friday, 3 August 2012

Women's Team Foil - London 2012 Olympics

The first fencing team event of the Olympics was going to have a predictable winner after Italy won three out of four available medals in the individual event therefore forming a dream team for this event. The Italians beat Russia 45-31 in the final.

 Team GB; Anna Bentley, Natalia Sheppard and Sophie Troiano, beat Egypt 45-34 with fantastic backing from the audience but then had to face the dream team. After Anna scored the first hit Italy then took over and won 42-14 without breaking into a sweat.

GB then started to fence defensively which may have been a mistake as they lost to Poland 20-43 and then to Japan 21-30. We ended up 8th out of 9 overall.

Silver went to Russia, who were the winners in Beijing and Bronze went to Korea after beating France 45-32

Photo is of Valentia Vezzali from Italy after scoring the final hit to win gold.

Fencing medals so far:
Italy 2 Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze
Korea 1 Gold 3 Bronze
China 1 Gold 1 Bronze
Ukraine 1 Gold 1 Bronze
Hungary 1 Gold

Venezuela 1 Gold
Russia 2 Silver 1 Bronze
Germany 1 Silver
Egypt 1 Silver

Norway 1 Silver

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