Saturday, 4 August 2012

Men’s Team Sabre – London 2012 Olympics

Report by Ed Blackman

The team sabre consisted of 8 teams: Italy, Belarus, Germany, Korea, China, Romania, Russia and the United States of America. Russia were the expected Gold medallists, whilst France (who either did not qualify or did not enter) were the Gold Medallists in Beijing.

The quarter finals which as you can probably guess consisted of four events! Italy v Belarus which was very close at 45-44 to Italy with an amazing comeback by Montano after he started the last fight 36- 40 down and ended up winning it for Italy. The second quarter final was between Korea and Germany which finished 38-45 to Korea. I decided to support Germany after the people in the two rows behind me were Korean fanatics and kept on shouting support for their team so loudly my ears hurt. The other two games were not so interesting after Romania beat China 45-30 and Russia beat the USA 45-33.

After that there was the 5-8th place classifications where Germany beat Belarus 45-40 with Hartung getting an amazing score of 13 -1 against the Belarusian fencer Pryiemka and China beat the USA 45-28.

Then came the quarter finals which were fairly close at 45-37 to Korea against Italy and a very closely fought match between Romania and Russia with Romania just winning 45-43.

Lastly I saw the 5th and 6th placement and the 7th and 8th placement the 7th and 8th placement was won by Belarus 45-35.The 5th and 6th placement match was won by a much stronger German team, 45-30.

The Bronze Medal Match, which unfortunately I didn’t get to see, was won by Italy with a close score of 45-40.

The Gold Medal Match was won by Korea against Romania, 45-28. Overall I thought it was a very interesting day and good fun.

Fencing medals so far:
Italy 2 Gold 2 Silver 2 Bronze
Korea 2 Gold 3 Bronze
China 1 Gold 1 Bronze
Ukraine 1 Gold 1 Bronze
Hungary 1 Gold

Venezuela 1 Gold
Russia 2 Silver 1 Bronze
Germany 1 Silver
Egypt 1 Silver

Norway 1 Silver
Romania1 Silver

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