Wednesday, 15 August 2012

London 2012 Olympics – Football Training Ground

Part of Eltham College’s grounds have been used as one of the Olympic football training venues, and was used by both finalists Brazil and Mexico amongst several other teams, including women’s Team GB.

A day after the final five fencers had the opportunity to play on the pitch having a friendly match with the LOCOG staff and security staff based at the ground.

Report is by James Marsden:

“Well, if someone had a couple of days ago, told me that I would be playing football on the Olympic football training pitch where a GB team played, I would have laughed. After all, I’m a fencer, not a footballer!
After a relaxing Sunday fencing, at 1.30 five of us trudged up there in a motley assortment of kit. When we reached there we were amazed at how new the pitch looked, it was so well groomed that when you walked on it you left footprints in the grass!

After a couple of photos with the Olympic banners we managed to play a half decent game of football, including many misses. After half the match the score was 6-2 to the opposing team but our side managed to drag the score back to six all with one minute left.
During that minute, absolutely nothing happened.

Then we went into the penalty shoot-outs.
By now the grass was definitely not pristine, and this was only half the pitch we were playing on. Anyway after five shots per side, we again were drawing, so it went into sudden death, and we suddenly lost!
Still, we took a few more photos with the building, the goals, the flags and a few action poses, then we left the ball and started to walk back.

All in all it was a very enjoyable afternoon and I also quite enjoyed the fact that they had a seemingly endless supply of free Coca Cola inside!”

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