Monday, 30 July 2012

Women's Individual Epee - London 2012 Olympics

After three days a GB fencer finally beats someone!
Corinna Lawrence who is 22 years old and trains at London Thames Fencing Club is ranked 43rd in the world, faced Caterin Bravo Aranguiz from Chile in the incomplete last 64 (first round) and won 15-12.

When Corinna returned to fence in the Last 32 the whole arena was shaking as the crowd cheered her to the piste. However she faced Simona Gherman from Romania who is the European Champion and 4th ranked fencer in the world. Corinna, who is a part time fencer, probably knew the outcome of this match before it started.

She was down 2-0 after a renewed attack and a counter attack but then launched a great fleche, then a double and then a parry riposte to level the score 3-3. After some messy close quarter hits the score ended at 7-3 then Corinna decided to change tactics and counterattack into Ghorman’s advance to score the next hit. Corinna then waited for another attack from her opponent which never happened, forcing the referee to call non-combativity due to lack of action.

Gherman then applied the pressure and although Corinna made some good hits she lost 15-9 to the stronger fencer.

Unfortunately the day will be remembered for the one and a half hour sit in by Lam Shin of Korea after being denied a place in the final when the clock was reset to one second when she and her coach thought time had run out allowing Britta Heidemann of Germany to score the winning hit. Officials say that the clock was reset after a yellow card was issued, others say there is a delay in the process where the referee calls ‘play’ and a timekeeper then hits the button to start play.

 Shin faced Sun Yujie from China for the Bronze medal match and although executing some great foot hits and a perfect duck stop hit the score ended 15-11 for Yujie.

The final was between Britta Heidemann and Yana Shemyakina from Ukraine. Both fencers forced non-combativity and allowed the bout to be drawn before extra time and the final winning hit came from Shemyakina.

 So Shemyakina wins Gold, Heidemann wins Silver and Yujie wins bronze.

 All this means we haven’t seen a GB fencer progress past the Last 32, but we will be keenly watching Richard Kruse in Tuesdays Men’s individual foil event to see if he can improve our performance, along with James Davis and Husayn Rosowsky.

 Medal Table so far:

Italy: 1 Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze
Ukraine 1 Gold
Hungary 1 Gold
Germany 1 Silver
Russia 1 Bronze
China 1 Bronze

Photo is from the Bronze medal match

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