Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jon's Gamesmaker story

The Olympic Games Test Event was a mini Olympic Games. For the event I started off working with athlete services and by the end of the Test event I was working on the "Field of Play" with the equipment staff. For the test event my main responsibility was to ensure the Podium and pistes were ready for the competitors. I got to meet all the Mens Foil teams and most of the Paralympic fencers. My day started at around 0700 and ended at around lunch time, or started at 1300 and went on until 2100.

 Since the Test event I have got my kit - a couple of t-shirts, trousers, a watch, socks, an umbrella (I work inside a sports hall!!), a coat, a kit bag, a water bottle (and when they give it to you they tell you: "no fizzy drinks!"), and a pair of grey trainers. This was the best bit!

For the Olympic games I will be watching the fencers I work with when they are competing and working as Sports Equipment Team Member. This is fairly straightforward for the Olympic games, as I work in a team of about 6 ensuring the Field of Play (the fencing arena) is suitable to fence on and looks good for TV.

 At the Paralympics I am the Sports Equipment Team Leader, responsible for the team of 6. This time there will be quite a lot of work to be done, as my team and I must ensure the disabled fencers are set up before and during fencing, and that all equipment falls under the regulations of the FIE and Olympic Organisation. Everyone who is a team leader (or group leader - see Katie's write up!) must attend leadership training. This is held at...wait for it...The University of McDonalds!!! Unfortunately they did not teach me how to cook a big mac meal, but I did learn about the values of the Olympics

- Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Equality and Inspiration. The experience has been excellent so far and I'm already inspired, as many of you are about the Olympics and am sure the Legacy will be noticeable in many years to come - especially if Fencing Team GB win a medal!

Jon Rhodes

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