Monday, 23 July 2012

Five days to go!

With just five days to go before the Olympic Games officially start we will be running an Olympic story each day till then, then from Saturday a report each evening on the day’s fencing.

Today’s story is an interview with James Honeybone by Jon Rhodes.

James is a 21year old Sabreur fencer from Truro.

How are you feeling about the Olympics?
“I’m excited to be here in London and my preparations for the Olympics are going well and to plan. I am currently sparring with two excellent Hungarian Fencers (two brothers) and my coach has set us various scenarios to train effectively. I fence for a few hours in the morning, complete my conditioning in the afternoons and sometimes fence again in the evenings. It’s tough but I enjoy it and my hard work and persistence has paid off.”

Who’s helped you to be where you are?
“Since I started fencing at 9 years of age I have had excellent support from my Mum and my coach; Jon Salfield. Jon has been my coach since my very first fencing session and has supported me every step of the way. Of course my teammates at Truro have been great too in preparing me for the games and the support staff are invaluable"

Do you think you will medal?
“I know I can achieve a medal place otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I have beaten guys in the top 10 in the world this season, and know if I fence my best, there is no one I can't beat"

Some questions EC fencers have asked visiting fencers in the past:

If you’re the best in the UK at fencing, why don’t you coach your coach? - Wombat (this is his nickname!) aged 8.
“Good question Wombat! And even cooler name! Because my coach is the best coach, not the best fencer"

What’s the most important factor in becoming an Olympic fencer? - Ben aged 12.
“Lots and lots and lots of hard work! You can be the most talented fencer on the planet, but if everyone else from other countries are working harder, then you just won't get there! And footwork!"

What is your favorite breakfast meal? - George aged 11.
“Frosties – they’re great!”

The official interview with James can be found here

Thanks James, and good luck!

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