Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Elliott Grover carries the Olympic Torch

On Wednesday the 18th of July Elliott Grover ran with the Olympic torch through Ashford after being nominated by Tim for his commitment to fencing.
Elliott was very lucky because they hadn’t asked anyone to run in the slot before him so he was asked to do a double stint!

There was a huge crowd waiting for him as soon as he got off the bus filled with family, friends and people he didn’t even know who had turned up to support him.
He got the prestigious opportunity of lighting the torch. After the sponsor vehicles had set off he started running at a good pace, the security guards were struggling to keep up!
There was even more support for him down the road with local schools and many other people lining the road to watch him. He ran holding the torch and waving constantly.
All too quickly he had finished his 600m’s of glory and was soon handing the torch over to the next runner and climbing aboard the coach.

Overall he was very lucky to be given such an amazing opportunity and he took it in his stride. A big thank you to everyone who organised that amazing day and to Tim for nominating Elliott.

Story by Ed Blackman.

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