Monday, 30 July 2012

An armourers life – Steve Hyman

Steve Hyman, who is Eltham College’s armourer, is keeping a brief diary of his time at the Olympic Games. All armourers that have been to Eltham College to help our team and to run courses have been selected as armourers for the Games; Adrian Mason who ran our armoury during our Summer 2010 camp, Peter Huggins who has run our armoury courses and examined our referees course, and Janet Huggins who has been the armourer at the Kent Championships that we host.

Here is Steve’s diary so far, don’t know what happened to Games Day 2, perhaps that was the wild party day that we all know the armourers go to.

Wednesday 25 July - Having been fortunate to be selected as an armourer for the 2012 Olympic Games my first day consisted of helping to build Weapons Control and to start testing some of the 1000 foil, épée and mask wires.

Thursday 26 July - Was spent testing the women's foil kit checking for advertising on clothing and testing weapons to destruction.
Friday 27 July - The morning was spent in the call rooms testing weapons for a pre competition épée trial followed by a trip to the Olympic stadium for the opening ceremony which exceeded all expectations.

Olympic Games Day 1 - Having got back at 2am from the opening ceremony, we were back on duty at 07:30am! The day started in the call room for the early rounds of Women's Foil checking foils for weight and both foils and body-wires for resistance. This involved wrestling weapons from the coloured bags closely guarded by the volunteer minders and then asking the foilists to allow us to test their wires while they were still attached to their bodies.
Later in the afternoon back in the weapons control room there were sabre checks to be done for the men's sabre the following day

Olympic Games Day 3 - A day in weapons control testing epees. Uneventful until we rejected the blades as they were too stiff at which point we upset the Koreans, Tunisians, French, Chinese, Japanese and needless to say the GBR squad.

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