Thursday, 20 October 2011

Results of the Royal Stennick Challenge October 2011

Eltham College won the trophy "Royal Stennick Cup" for the most number of points overall.

Results of EC fencers are:

U10 Foil
Gold Lachlan Jarvie
Silver Ethan Wells
Bronze Zaki Boundjemaa

U14 Foil
=Bronze Dimitri Webb
=Bronze Edward Blackman
6th Charlie Cooper
7th Toby Baldwin

U14 Epee
Silver Oakley Hill-Smith
=Bronze Elliot Wedge
=Bronze Andrew Hughes
5th Harry Calder
6th Harrison Hazeldine
7th Luke Wells
8th Tim Pearson

U14 Sabre
Gold Ben Dines
Silver James Marsden
Bronze Felix Rahilly

U18 Foil
Gold Adam Aspden

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Royal Stennick Challenge - Kent

There will be no team training on Sunday 16th October as all fencers should be entering the Royal Stennick Challenge. Details of the competition and entry form are here:

Competition results

Sorry about the lack of updates recently

These are the results of competitions entered recently:

GB U20 Championships
Elliott Grover 20th place

British Selection Circuit U20/U17 London Epee
Elliott Grover 56th
Jordan Ratcliffe 94th

LPJS MXfencing (West Malling) Sabre
U12 James Marsden 5th place
U10 Felix O’Rahilly BRONZE

LPJS Arnold (Blackpool) Epee
U17 Elliott Grover GOLD
U15 Harry Calder 7th place
U13 Adam Whitelaw BRONZE
U13 Andrew Hughes 5th place

London Youth Games – SILVER medal
Adam Aspden
Andrew Hughes
Adam Whitelaw

Young Bill Hoskyns Epee 2011
Adam Whitelaw SILVER

LPJS Camden Sabre
Ben Dines 24th place
James Marsden 25th place
Tom Hood 28th place

England Youth Championships 2011
U13 Sabre Tom Hood 32nd place
U13 Sabre James Marsden 34th place
U15 Foil Adam Aspden 16th place
U13 Foil Andrew Hughes 10th place
U13 Foil Luke Wells 45th place
U11 Foil Fergus James 8th place medal
U11 Foil George Garton 10th place
U11 Foil Lewis Tuck 22nd place
U11 Foil Toby Baldwin 43rd place
U11 Foil Ethan Wells 45th place
U11 Foil Arthur Goggin 54th place
U13 Epee Adam Whitelaw 14th place
U13 Epee Andrew Hughes 19th place
U13 Epee Tim Pearson 35th place