Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Trip to Holland

Monday 22 August 7am to Saturday 27 August 5pm

This trip is suitable for all ECfencing team members year 6 and older.

We will be travelling by ferry to Amsterdam and staying in a hotel in the Utrech district (not yet selected).
Transport each day by coach (with driver).

Monday 22 Aug
Travel Day and orientation.

Tuesday 23 Aug
Exclusive ECfencing team training day at Scaramouche Fencing Club in Arnhem led by Arvid Oostveen (coach of several world cup finalists) and Indra Angad Gau (world cup champion and Bejing Olympian).
Evening training joining their youth club fencers, mainly epee.

Wednesday 24 Aug
Half day training at Scaramouche Fencing Club as Tuesday.
Afternoon indoor climbing wall, swimming and BBQ.
Evening training joining their youth club fencers, mainly foil and sabre.

Thursday 25 Aug
Full training day in Bocholt, Germany organised by Rorik Janssen (National coach for the Netherlands) and Andrea Borella (Ex European and World Champion).

Friday 26 Aug
Day trip to Amsterdam.

Saturday 27 Aug
Travel day home.

Contact Tim if your son is interested in attending.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

England Youth Championships 25th and 26th June 2011

ECfencers: The closing date for the EYC's is Tuesday 14th June BUT the boys events are getting full.
So far we have 5 fencers entered and 20 have not!
Epee and Sabre is on the Saturday and Foil on the Sunday.
ALL fencers (except year 3 and year 10 and above) should be fencing in this competition.
Enter online here.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

May Half Term Training Camp 2011

Sixteen ECfencers took part in our two day training camp in the Eric Liddell Sports Centre at the start of the May half term.

Mick Johnson looked after the foilists and sabreurs (our foil coach, Chris Galesloot was in Holland competing in the Dutch Championships).

David Buist, epeeist, who as a Junior was ranked in the top 40 in the world and has been coaching the GB Junior squad since 2006, led our footwork routines and worked with our epeeists.

Jon Rhodes taught all our fencers how to sprint properly (not exactly needed for fencing but an obvious benefit for other sports). Performance sessions included coordination for the younger fencers and focusing & regaining confidence for the older fencers.

Official ECfencing training diaries were introduced to the fencers. Spike has been testing out our training diary for the past couple of months which is a A5 portfolio folder containing information and other ‘stuff’ to help our fencers prepare, train and compete. It is intended that these diaries become a way of life for our fencers, just like wiki is for homework!

Steve Hyman, armourer, taught our younger fencers about kit maintenance and fixed all our broken kit.

At the end of the camp I hope our fencers left more knowledgeable, and had a fun time.

Photos from the camp are here