Wednesday, 25 May 2011

ECfencing Team Half Term Training

Monday 30th May and Tuesday 31st May
10am to 4pm (5pm for Senior fencers)
Eric Liddell Sports Centre (park in Senior School)
Coaches: Tim O'Conor, Jon Rhodes, Mick Johnson and David Buist.
Armourer: Steve Hyman.
Course content will be tailored to each fencer attending; weapon, ability, expectations etc.
Cost still not know as not everyone has replied if they are coming (hint).

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sunday training

ECfencers only
Sunday training is now in the Eric Liddell Sports Centre until Christmas.
10am to 1.30pm (Older fencers till 2.30pm).
Please collect all kit needed (including electric) during the weekday class as no kit will be stored in the Sports Cente.

Brentwood School Trip and Summer Camp

Saturday 21 May 9am to 5pm

EC fencers only - Due to problems with my email please contact me again using my school address to let me know if you are going and if transport can be provided or is needed. Even if I replied to your email please email again.
Also please email me again regarding the Summer Camp.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kent Youth Championships 2011 - ECfencers results

Nineteen ECfencers took part in this years Kent U10/12/14 Championships this weekend hosted at Eltham College. We won ten out of a possible twelve medals including all three Gold medals.
Lewis Tuck, Luke Wells and Andrew Hughes won the Under 10’s,12’s and 14’s titles respectively which repeats the success of Eltham fencers over the past two years at this competition.
Our under 10’s have continued to show their domination in South East England by having all six fencers placed higher than any other club or school fencer.

The fencer of the day was Lachlan Jarvie who is our youngest fencer in the team and faced fencers two years older in his first competition. He won four of his pool matches (all non-ECfencers) and only lost to his two team mates both senior in years. Lachlan was finally placed fifth just outside a medal position; not bad for a fencer with two more years in the same age group. Well done also to his coaches Elliott Grover and Chris Galesloot, they must be very proud of his performance.

All our fencers were great on the day, but other coaches were very complementary of the footwork skills of Isak, the choice of actions from Arthur, Felix, Dimitri, Charlie and Owen, the dedication from Luke, George and Ethan and the sportsmanship from Edward, Lewis and Elliot.

Thanks to everyone who helped run the event; Katie, Manola, Peter, Janet, Pyscho, Andy, Flo, Chris, Tarann, Mick, Ellz, Jon, Fran, Cos, Spike and anyone I have missed.

A few pictures from the event are here

Full results for ECfencers are:

Under 10 Boys Foil

Lewis Tuck - GOLD
Isak Larsson-Laprak - SILVER
Arthur Goggin - =BRONZE
Zaki Boudjenaa - = BRONZE
Lachlan Jarvie - 5th place
Michel Burda - 6th place
Ethan Wells - 7th place

Under 12 Boys Foil

Luke Wells - GOLD
Oakley Hill-Smith - =BRONZE
George Garton = BRONZE
Felix O’Rahilly - 5th place
Dimitri Webb - 6th place
Charlie Cooper - 12th place
Harrison Hazeldine - 13th place
Edward Blackman - 14th place

Under 14 Boys Foil

Andrew Hughes - GOLD
Adam Whitelaw - BRONZE
Owen Tuck - BRONZE
Elliot Wedge - 5th place

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Brentwood Visit Saturday 21st May

Meet at the Senior School entrance at 9am, returning approx 5pm.
Parents needed to help with transport.
Training in the morning, lunch then a competition in the afternoon.
St. Benedict’s School will be joining us also this time.
Suitable for all ECfencers, all ages, all weapons.
Email Tim if you are attending/help with transport.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Beginners childrens coaching course at Eltham College

Chris Galesloot is coaching a beginners foil course in the Eric Liddell Sports Centre, Eltham College, for children aged 7yrs to 14yrs commencing Friday 13th May till Friday 22nd July.
Times are 6.30pm to 8pm and the cost of this 11 week course for members will be £77.00 and for non-members will be £88.00.

There are places still available, contact details are here.

Date for your diary - Summer Trip to Holland

Monday 22nd August to Saturday 27th August
Suitable for all ECfencers only.
Olympic Italian, German and Dutch coaches in attendance.
Cost depends on numbers attending.
Full details nearer the time, please email Tim ASAP if you are interested.

May Half Term Training Course

Mon 30th May and Tuesday 31st May 10am to 5pm
Eric Liddell Sports Centre
Guest coaches and armourer attending.
All weapons catered for.
Cost depends on numbers attending.
Suitable for all ECfencers only.
The course content will be specific for each fencer attending.
Email Tim ASAP if you are coming.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Warwick LPJS 2011

On Saturday 7th May three ECfencers competed in the LPJS Warwick Epee event.

This is one of the best attended LPJS events of the year, largely due to the excellent running of the competition and all metallic pistes.

Elliott Grover continued his good run of success since moving up an age group by wining the silver medal in the U17 event.

Ells was on excellent form after a tricky first pool by winning all but one match in his second pool. After a bye to the last 8 he found himself 12-13 down with a few seconds remaining but scored a great counterattack hit to level the score and go into extra time. The extra minute of play lasted only 2 seconds as Ells instantly launched a close quarter attack to win the match. The following match resulted in a 2 point lead for Ells taking him to the final where he met the talented Paul Sanchez-Lethem of Brixton FC. This match fnished 15-7 to Paul but ended a confident and inspiring day from Ells.

Results from all ECfencers are:
Elliott Grover - SILVER - U17
Andrew Hughes - 13th place - U13
Jordan Ratcliffe - 11th Place - U17

Full results are (unofficially) on the Fencing Forum here.

British Youth Championships 2011

Over the Bank Holiday weekend five ECfencers competed in six events at this years British Youth Championships held again at the Sheffield English Institute of Sport.
To qualify for this event fencers need to be placed high in their regional championships therefore only the best fencers are able to compete in this competition.
Expectations were not high as our fencers were either the youngest in the age group or it was their fist visit to this competition but the pleasant surprise of the weekend was Ben Dines (pictured) continuing his winning streak since switching to Sabre as he won the 8th place medal in U12 Sabre. This also means Ben has automatically qualified for next years Championships.
Andrew Hughes in his first year in U14 was well placed in 12th in Epee and all our fencers performed and behaved very well.

Results of ECfencers are:
U18 Foil - Ells Grover 39th place
U14 Epee - Andrew Hughes 12th place and Adam Whitelaw 34th place
U14 Foil - Andrew Hughes 21st place
U12 Sabre - Ben Dines 8th place and Tom Hood 33rd place

Elite Epee Final Results

Our only fencer who reached the final 8 of the Elite Epee Series finished with a SILVER medal. Adam Whitelaw made hard work of the pool round finishing in sixth place overall then even harder work of the DE; Adam beat the no.3 seed 6-5 then the no.2 seed 10-9 to reach the final. Adam was up against the no.1 seed, Josh Stevens, who was the stronger fencer on the day with the final score 15-9 to Josh. Well done to Adam winning silver and hopefully next season more Eltham fencers will make all three of the series and perhaps make it to the finals.
Full results are HERE.

Public Schools' Fencing Championships 2011

Full results for this years Championships are here.

Congratulation to all ECfencers on their performance during the 3 days of fencing at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.
Notable achievements are Adam Aspden winning the Mount-Haes Foil event by winning every match fought, Elliott Grover coming 9th in Epee and Tim Pearson achieving high placings in all weapons in his first year at this competition.
Photos from the competition are here.

Results for Eltham College fencers are:

Adam Aspden - Mount Haes Events
1st Foil, 9th Epee, 17th Sabre

Tim Pearson - Mount Haes Events
11th Epee, 20th Sabre, 38th Foil

Harry Calder - Mount Haes Events
19th Epee, 19th Sabre, 39th Foil

Owen Tuck - Mount Haes Events
43rd Epee, 48th Sabre, 88th Foil

Oliver Noone - Mount Haes Events
33rd Sabre, 36th Foil, 48th Epee

Elliot Wedge - Mount Haes Events
42nd Sabre, 57th Epee, 93rd Foil

Elliott Grover - Junior Events
9th Epee, 26th Sabre, 28th Foil

Jordan Ratcliffe - Junior Events
47th Sabre, 49th Epee, 59th Foil

Web Site Survey: Results

From: Andy (Web Admin)
The web site survey is now closed. We received just 8 completed responses which is, frankly, disappointing. I have to assume it means that most users of the web site are satisfied and didn't feel the need to complete the survey.

Here are the results (wherein 10 people started the survey, but only 8 made it to the end). I'm grateful to those who took the time to complete the survey. I'll publish some conclusions in a subsequent post.

1. What is your association with Eltham College? (select one)
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Parent or guardian
Other (please specify)0.0%0
2. What is your association with Fencing? (select one)
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Organiser, or member of a governing body0.0%0
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3. How often do you use the internet? (select one answer for each row)
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NeverLess than once a weekOnce a weekOnce a dayFrequently each dayResponse
How often do you browse the web for non-business purposes?0.0% (0)10.0% (1)0.0% (0)30.0% (3)60.0% (6)10
How often do you check your non-business emails?0.0% (0)40.0% (4)20.0% (2)10.0% (1)30.0% (3)10
Do you use Twitter?70.0% (7)0.0% (0)10.0% (1)10.0% (1)10.0% (1)10
Do you use Facebook?50.0% (5)20.0% (2)0.0% (0)10.0% (1)20.0% (2)10

4. What pages do you use? (select one answer for each row)
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Never lookedLooked but never useOnly if directed to do soOccasionallyWeeklyDailyFrequently each dayResponse
Home Page (News)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)22.2% (2)55.6% (5)11.1% (1)11.1% (1)9
Diary0.0% (0)0.0% (0)11.1% (1)77.8% (7)0.0% (0)11.1% (1)0.0% (0)9
Gallery11.1% (1)11.1% (1)11.1% (1)44.4% (4)22.2% (2)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)9
Results22.2% (2)0.0% (0)11.1% (1)33.3% (3)33.3% (3)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)9
Achievements33.3% (3)0.0% (0)22.2% (2)22.2% (2)22.2% (2)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)9
Members22.2% (2)22.2% (2)11.1% (1)22.2% (2)11.1% (1)11.1% (1)0.0% (0)9
Links33.3% (3)33.3% (3)11.1% (1)22.2% (2)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)9
Contact22.2% (2)33.3% (3)11.1% (1)33.3% (3)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)9
About...44.4% (4)33.3% (3)11.1% (1)11.1% (1)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)9
5. How important is the web site's information? (select one answer for each row)
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ECfencing coaching times & dates0.0% (0)0.0% (0)33.3% (3)66.7% (6)9
ECfencing event times & dates0.0% (0)11.1% (1)11.1% (1)77.8% (7)9
Somewhere for ECfencing members to chat amongst themselves0.0% (0)22.2% (2)66.7% (6)11.1% (1)9
Archive of ECfencing photos0.0% (0)22.2% (2)33.3% (3)44.4% (4)9
Archive of ECfencing videos0.0% (0)33.3% (3)33.3% (3)33.3% (3)9
Archive of competition results for ECfencers0.0% (0)11.1% (1)55.6% (5)33.3% (3)9
Contact details for ECfencing leadership team0.0% (0)11.1% (1)66.7% (6)22.2% (2)9
Profiles of ECfencing coaching team0.0% (0)33.3% (3)55.6% (5)11.1% (1)9
Competition times & dates0.0% (0)11.1% (1)11.1% (1)77.8% (7)9
General fencing news & information0.0% (0)0.0% (0)77.8% (7)22.2% (2)9
Sport/fitness tips and techniques0.0% (0)11.1% (1)66.7% (6)22.2% (2)9
Links to other fencing sites0.0% (0)55.6% (5)33.3% (3)11.1% (1)9
6. Do you subscribe to the web site? (select all that apply)
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      Response was "dont know"
7. Please RANK the value of additional features IN ORDER of value to you (you can only put ONE TICK IN EACH COLUMN!)
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1 (Top)234567 (Bottom)Response
Tweets from coaches at competitions for progress updates0.0% (0)12.5% (1)37.5% (3)12.5% (1)12.5% (1)0.0% (0)25.0% (2)8
Articles from fencers about their experiences and challenges25.0% (2)37.5% (3)25.0% (2)12.5% (1)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)8
Articles from coaches about their past experiences and wisdom37.5% (3)37.5% (3)12.5% (1)12.5% (1)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)8
Articles about how to use aspects of the web site0.0% (0)12.5% (1)0.0% (0)37.5% (3)0.0% (0)12.5% (1)37.5% (3)8
A forum to arrange lifts to competitions37.5% (3)0.0% (0)25.0% (2)0.0% (0)37.5% (3)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)8
Face-to-face help sessions for using the Members Area0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)12.5% (1)50.0% (4)37.5% (3)0.0% (0)8
Face-to-face help sessions for using the internet0.0% (0)0.0% (0)0.0% (0)12.5% (1)0.0% (0)50.0% (4)37.5% (3)8
8. What else could we do to make the web site more useful to you? Can you think of any other communication and/or information areas of ECfencing that could be improved? What are they?
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Facebook account
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It's great!
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