Monday, 18 April 2011

The Members Lounge - Are You "In"?

It's been there since the beginning, but it's much under-used: the Members Lounge. The Members Lounge is a private discussion area where you can ask questions and engage in discussions. One of the active topics right now is the offer of a lift to the Warwick LPJS Epee on May 7th. The Members Lounge is a great forum for offering or requesting lifts.

The Members Lounge, as its name suggests, is open to members only. That means you need to login. Before you can login for the first time, you need to request access. Access will be granted (by me/Time) to those with an association with ECfencing, e.g. fencers, parents and coaches. If you have an association with ECfencing you should apply for membership!

Membership is easy. Just visit the front door of the Members Lounge (by clicking the Members links from the ECfencing web site and then clicing the "forum" link, or by going directly to If you have a Google Account (because you're a Gmail user for example) just click the "Sign in and apply for membership" link.

If you don't have a Google Account, fear not, you don't face a huge hurdle. Creating a Google Account is not a big deal and doesn't come with a heap of baggage. I wrote about this in a previous article but, simply put, you just need to click the "Sign in and apply for membership" link and then click the Create an Account button over the right-side. By creating a Google Account, you don't have to use a Gmail account and you won't (in my experience) get any spam, etc.

Once you've got a Google Account and you've applied for membership of the club's discussion group, you'll quickly be granted membership (if Tim/I recognise you as a fencer, parent or coach) and you'll be able to access the Members' Lounge. Once in, I recommend you click the Edit My Membership link on the right-side of the page and select the most appropriate "How do you want to read this group?" option for you. In essence, you can choose to be emailed whenever there's a new addition to a discussion, or just once a day (with a digest of new posts), or never (meaning you need to visit the Members' Area to see the latest contributions to discussions). I recommend the "once a day" option.

I'm keen to see the Members Lounge become a popular place for discussion. Join now, don't miss-out!

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