Saturday, 9 April 2011

Kent U10/12/14 Foil Championships - Sunday 15 May 2011

Following the successful organisation of the Kent U16/18 Championships earlier this year Eltham College is organising and hosting the U10/12/14 Championships.

This is how it affects YOU:

EC fencers under 14 years as of 1st Jan 11 - entry forms will be available soon; please enter, compete, have fun and stay till the end to support others and act as hosts.

Non EC fencers under 14 as of 1st Jan 11 - if you qualify for this competition (belong to a Kent club or are an individual member of the KCAFU) please look out for the entry forms at

EC parents - please volunteer to help set up the night before or help run the food stall or marshalling during the event or stay till the end to help clear away.

EC fencers too old to compete - please volunteer to referee the event.

EC coaches (present, past and occasional) - please volunteer to referee the event.

The very brilliant Katie and Manola - please please run the check in desk again. Who needs a computer when we have you!

More details and forms will be available early next week.

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