Sunday, 8 May 2011

Public Schools' Fencing Championships 2011

Full results for this years Championships are here.

Congratulation to all ECfencers on their performance during the 3 days of fencing at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.
Notable achievements are Adam Aspden winning the Mount-Haes Foil event by winning every match fought, Elliott Grover coming 9th in Epee and Tim Pearson achieving high placings in all weapons in his first year at this competition.
Photos from the competition are here.

Results for Eltham College fencers are:

Adam Aspden - Mount Haes Events
1st Foil, 9th Epee, 17th Sabre

Tim Pearson - Mount Haes Events
11th Epee, 20th Sabre, 38th Foil

Harry Calder - Mount Haes Events
19th Epee, 19th Sabre, 39th Foil

Owen Tuck - Mount Haes Events
43rd Epee, 48th Sabre, 88th Foil

Oliver Noone - Mount Haes Events
33rd Sabre, 36th Foil, 48th Epee

Elliot Wedge - Mount Haes Events
42nd Sabre, 57th Epee, 93rd Foil

Elliott Grover - Junior Events
9th Epee, 26th Sabre, 28th Foil

Jordan Ratcliffe - Junior Events
47th Sabre, 49th Epee, 59th Foil

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