Monday, 14 March 2011

1 year on

Our Blog is now one year old so here are some thoughts of its first year.

5,000+ visitors since March 12th 2010 and 13,800+ page views
Average of 54 page views each and every day
Average visit length is 2 minutes 40 seconds.
50+ email subscribers
37 Twitter followers
In the last couple of months alone we've had visits from a wide variety of countries including USA, UK (only the second most frequent!), Canada, Germany, Hungary, France, Vietnam, Finland and South Africa

Jon, our Performance Coach comments “Having the facility to post useful information is excellent and I feel Eltham College Fencing Team have utilised this well through constant updates on news and events, coaching tips, sports science and courses. It shows our productivity and spirit to be as diverse as possible allowing an athlete centred environment – which is somewhat novel in the fencing world!”

Andy, creator of the site says “I always felt that our primary aim was to replace paper newsletters that rarely completed their rocky journey from your printer to parents' hands. Second to that was the hope that we could create a repository of the club's achievements, its activities, and its spirit. I think the web site has hit the spot on all of those counts. I still get parents telling me how much they appreciate it and how useful it is, so that gives me assurance that it's working. The mixture of posts - about coaching, competitions, and social events - is a record of all of the clubs activities and gives a feel for the spirit of the club. The gallery of photos with innumerable pics of smiling fencers in a wild variety of situations provides further evidence of the positive, happy spirit.”

Additions during the year have included the Sunday Coaching box giving EC parents and fencers a quick glance of our activity over the next few weeks, and our YouTube channel (

Looking ahead we have several thoughts to improve this blog, and if you have any ideas please let us know.

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