Monday, 14 March 2011

Olympic ticket sales

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympics are on sale from midnight tonight until midnight on 26 April.
It is NOT first come first served and there is no advantage applying for tickets early.
With this in mind EC parents and coaches should plan so we go as a group to the events.
I will place a message in the members area tomorrow to start a discussion, unless someone beats me to it.

1 year on

Our Blog is now one year old so here are some thoughts of its first year.

5,000+ visitors since March 12th 2010 and 13,800+ page views
Average of 54 page views each and every day
Average visit length is 2 minutes 40 seconds.
50+ email subscribers
37 Twitter followers
In the last couple of months alone we've had visits from a wide variety of countries including USA, UK (only the second most frequent!), Canada, Germany, Hungary, France, Vietnam, Finland and South Africa

Jon, our Performance Coach comments “Having the facility to post useful information is excellent and I feel Eltham College Fencing Team have utilised this well through constant updates on news and events, coaching tips, sports science and courses. It shows our productivity and spirit to be as diverse as possible allowing an athlete centred environment – which is somewhat novel in the fencing world!”

Andy, creator of the site says “I always felt that our primary aim was to replace paper newsletters that rarely completed their rocky journey from your printer to parents' hands. Second to that was the hope that we could create a repository of the club's achievements, its activities, and its spirit. I think the web site has hit the spot on all of those counts. I still get parents telling me how much they appreciate it and how useful it is, so that gives me assurance that it's working. The mixture of posts - about coaching, competitions, and social events - is a record of all of the clubs activities and gives a feel for the spirit of the club. The gallery of photos with innumerable pics of smiling fencers in a wild variety of situations provides further evidence of the positive, happy spirit.”

Additions during the year have included the Sunday Coaching box giving EC parents and fencers a quick glance of our activity over the next few weeks, and our YouTube channel (

Looking ahead we have several thoughts to improve this blog, and if you have any ideas please let us know.

British School Team Championships 2011

117 fencing teams from all over the country took part in the British School Team Championships at Brunel University over the weekend of 12th and 13th March 2011.
This is 40 more teams than last year, largely due to the increased number of State Schools taking part which is a great boost for British Fencing.

At the last Olympic Games, just under 50% of British medal winners from all sports were from private schools, which educates only 7 per cent of the country's children. There are several reasons for this which is for another discussion, but clearly anything that can be done to address this will be positive for any sport.

Eltham College entered twenty-four pupils from year 5 to year 10 in teams of three or four fencers over seven events throughout the weekend.

All our fencers fought to the best of their ability and put on a great display of team work and comradeship.

We decided to allow all our team fencers to take part, rather than enter a smaller number of ‘Dream Teams’ simply to win medals, however we still left with three team medals.

Well done to all fencers taking part, the full results haven’t been published yet but the following fencers were the medal winners:

SILVER U11 Epee – Oakley Hill-Smith, Luke Wells and Harrison Hazeldine
BRONZE U11 Foil – Luke Wells, Lewis Tuck, Fergus James and Isak Larsson-Yaprak
BRONZE U13 Foil – Owen Tuck, Andrew Hughes, Tim Pearson and Elliott Wedge.

Pictures from the weekend are here

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today this blog site is one year old.
Big congratulations to Andy for creating this site and for it's continued upkeep.
Thanks to Mary, Jordan, Harry, Jon and Chris for contributions.
Bigger report on the blog on Monday with plans for it's future - bit busy at the moment as we are in the middle of the British Team Championships.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

British School Team Championships 2011

Brunel University
Kingston Lane

Please arrive at least 30 mins before the times below:

U15 Epee 9am Sat
Jordan R*, Harry C, Adam A, Ollie N.

U15 Foil 12noon Sun
Jordan R, Harry C, Adam A*, Ollie N.

U13 Foil 12noon Sat
Team 1: Andrew H, Tim P, Owen T*, Elliot W.
Team 2: Tom H*, James M, Edward B, Ben D.

U13 Epee 9am Sun
Andrew H*, Tim P, Elliot W

U13 Sabre 2pm Sun
Ben D*, Tom H, James M

U11 Foil 12noon Sat
Team 1: Luke W*, Isak L-R, Fergus J, Lewis T.
Team 2: Charlie C, Harrison H*, Oakley H-S, Rik T.
Team 3: George G*, Arthur G, Dim W, Felix O.

U11 Epee 9am Sun
Oakley H-S*, Luke W, Harrison H

BF cards online

You can now print your own BF membership cards.

Go to
Create a member account by signing in, click on “First time on the site” then enter your membership number and details.
Sign in to the membership section and then go to “view your profile”.
Click on "Your membership card" at the top left side of the page.
A new page will open with the image of your membership card which can be printed off.
You then have proof of membership.

Date of summer course 2011

Week beginning Monday 22nd August to Holland – more details to follow

HMC Public Schools Championships 2011

Meet at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre at 8.15am each day but let me know if it is more convenient to drop off earlier (or slightly later).

Tuesday 22nd March Epee
Wednesday 23rd March Foil
Thursday 24th March Sabre

Fencers below are signed up for all 3 weapons

Junior Boys
Ells G
Jordan R

“Mount-Haes” Boys
Harry C
Tim P
Elliot W
Owen T
Adam A
Oliver N

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Women's Sabre England A-Grade report by Ben

On Saturday 26th February, Thomas Hood, Mr. O’Conor and I went to the Women’s Sabre World Cup. It was being held in the Crystal Palace National Sport Centre. The organiser of the event was Katie Dolan (our epee coach) and Jon Rhodes (our performance coach) was an official.

When we got there the matches had already started, but we hadn’t missed much as it was only the last 64 that came through from the day before, when the pools had been held.
It was amazing to see how many countries had come to participate.
There were teams from China, USA, New Zealand, Ukraine and Russia.
We wandered around and watched the matches at same time.
I was amazed to see how aggressive the players were and the ages of them as well. There were 14 year olds and 40 year olds.
There was also a funny thing that you heard every second and that was the screams that they made, it was freaky but funny to hear the different screams.

When we met up with Jon, he got us a box room so we could watch with better seats. Straight afterwards a man from the South London press came in and took a photo of us and Mr. O’Conor.
Katie then got us some volunteer t-shirts and even though we volunteered to help they didn’t need us to do anything except Tom who was taking pictures and was going to give the pictures to the BFA. Tom took some really good pictures of the fencers in action.

Some of the best fencers in the world came here, the top women sabreur was Mariel Zagunis from the USA and we had two British fencers in it; they were Nicoll Chrystal and Louise Bond-Williams and they had both gone to the Olympics before.
By the afternoon Chrystal and Bond-Williams had been knocked out and the Semi Finals were 2hrs away. So we had lunch and we walked around the park. When we got back they were about to start.

In the Semi Finals were Mariel Zaginis USA (World No 1), Giola Marzocca ITALY, Sophia Velikaia RUSSIA and Olga Kharlan UKRAINE.
It was Zagunis and Marzocca to fence first and we were supporting the USA but in the end the No.1 lost 15-12 so the Italian got through to the final. Next it was Velikaia and Kharlan to fence and I was supporting the Ukrainian who won 15-14.
The Final was between Kharlan and Marcozza. It was an amazing match with tough calls from the referee and really good hits. In the end it was 15-12 to the Ukrainian.

After the match the 4 finalists got their rewards and medals and they sang a very short Ukrainian national anthem. We applauded and the volunteers were called down to have a photo with the winner.

We went back to the box and we got foam sabres from Katie and then we got a certificate for piste assisting.
We then helped tidy up and left. We all really enjoyed it and it was a good competition to watch and learn from.

Photos from the event are here. All photos of fencers taken by Tom Hood.

Ben Dines
28 February 2011

South East England Fencing Championships

7 ECfencers took part in the South East England Championships held at Epsom College over 2 Sundays.
These events are qualifying rounds for the British Youth Championship’s held in Sheffield at the end of April and to qualify fencers have to be placed in the top 4 of the rankings, and we have 5 fencers achieving this.

Qualified for the British Youth Championships:

Elliott Grover - 3rd place in U18 Foil
Adam Whitelaw - 3rd place in U14 Epee (and a BYE)
Andrew Hughes - 2nd place in U14 Foil
Andrew Hughes - BYE in U14 Epee
Ben Dines - =3rd U12 Sabre
Tom Hood - =3rd U12 Sabre

Fencers agonisingly close to a place in the finals:

Luke Wells - 6th place U12 Foil
Adam Aspden - 5th place U16 Foil

Well done to all our fencers taking part and we have 2 fencers in all three weapons qualifying for the British Youth Championships

Pictures from the events are here.