Tuesday, 18 January 2011

U16 and Senior Boys and Girls Foil, Epée and Sabre Championships 2010/2011

Congratulations to Elliott Grover and Adam Aspden who both reached the final in their age groups. There was a high standard of fencing in all weapons and we enjoyed hosting an incident free competition. Well done to all the competitors, and also to all the helpers named below who set up, cleared away, refereed, run the check in desk, piste assisted and supplied us all with food.
Thanks to Katie, Manola, Mick, Chris G, Chris C, Tarran, Jamie, Jon, Cos, Cassie, Peter, Janet, Jane, Marc, Denis, Mr and Miss Rabbit, Mrs and Miss Elf, Mr Wedgie, Mr Robin Hood, Mrs Bouncy, Noone, Trout, Dark, Eddie, Mars, Bouncy, Spike, Nut, Rust, Nessie, Rabbit, Elf, Pyscho and Robin. Some photos of the day are here.

U16 Boys Foil
1 Thomas Golby Gravesham FC
2 Adam Aspden Eltham College
3 Ned Wontner Tonbridge School
3 Dishaun Gordon Bishop Challoner
5 William Ross Mallard FC
6 Conor McKee Tonbridge School
7 Dom Chester Tonbridge School
8 Aiden Ko Tonbridge School

U16 Girls Foil
1 Joanne Cornish Mallard FC
2 Francesca Aston Bishop Challoner
3 Chloe Campbell Bishop Challoner
3 Hannah O'Dowd Bishop Challoner
5 Helena Heath Mallard FC

Senior Boys Foil
1 Joe Joyner Gravesham FC
2 Joe Hon Tonbridge School
3 Edward Massey Tonbridge School
3 Alex Cowan Tonbridge School
5 Andrew Wynn Owen Tonbridge School
6 Alex Tong Tonbridge School
7 Jeffrey Poon Tonbridge School
8 Alexander Bliss Tonbridge School
9 James Derbyshire Tonbridge School
10 Vincent Chow Tonbridge School
11 Christopher Han Tonbridge School
12 Anthony Fong Tonbridge School
13 Andrew Owen Tonbridge School

U16 Boys Epee
1 Barnaby Gliksten Kings School Canterbury
2 Dishaun Gordon Bishop Challoner
3 Felix Li Kings School Canterbury
3 Cameron Prior Gravesham FC
5 Declan Ng Tonbridge School
6 Jordan Ratcliffe Eltham College

U16 Girls Epee
1 Francesca Aston Bishop Challoner
2 Joanne Cornish Mallard FC
3 Chloe Campbell Bishop Challoner
3 Hannah O’Dowd Bishop Challoner

Senior Boys Epee
1 John Allen Gravesend Grammer
2 Elliott Grover Eltham College
3 Jeffrey Poon Tonbridge School
3 Jamie Johnson Kings School Canterbury
5 Joe Joyner Gravesham FC
6 Joe Hon Tonbridge School
7 Lawrence Ma Kings School Canterbury
8 Alex Cowan Tonbridge School
9 Andrew Wynn Owen Tonbridge School
10 Edward Massey Tonbridge School
11 James Derbyshire Tonbridge School
12 Alex Tong Tonbridge School
13 John Clugston Tonbridge School

Senior Girls Epee
1 Sophie Wallis Kings School Canterbury

U16 Boys Sabre
1 Dishaun Gordon Bishop Challoner
2 Dom Chester Tonbridge School
3 Adam Aspden Eltham College
3 Ned Wontner Tonbridge School

U16 Girls Sabre
1 Chloe Campbell Bishop Challoner
2 Hannah O’Dowd Bishop Challoner
3 Francesca Aston Bishop Challoner

Senior Boys Sabre
1 Joe Hon Tonbridge School
2 Alex Cowan Tonbridge School
3 James Derbyshire Tonbridge School
3 Andrew Wynn Owen Tonbridge School
5 Andrew Owen Tonbridge School
6 John Clugston Tonbridge School

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