Monday, 24 January 2011

Surrey Youth Fencing Championships - results

Well done to our ECfencers winning 9 medals at the Surrey Youth Championships on Sunday 23rd January at Epsom College

It was a long and tiring day but all our fencers fought brilliantly throughout the day winning medals in all but one category entered.

Adam Aspden was once again so close to Gold being beaten 14-15 in the final of the U16 foil event, a repeat of the Kent Championships one week earlier!

There were two all Eltham finals which were both very well fought:

Firstly Harry Calder and Andrew Hughes in the U14 epee final was one of the best fought epee matches we have seen; all attacks coming with excellent timing, good choice of actions, no rash decisions. Wish we had filmed the match!
To reach the final both Harry and Andrew won all 5 of their pool matches to get Byes to the last 8 where they had to fence teammates Tim Pearson and Elliot Wedge.

Secondly a tense 10-9 battle between teammates Lewis Tuck and Isak larsson-Yaprak in the U10 final gave the referee a hard time with their quick actions. It was so well fenced it looked more like an U16 final.

Our under 10’s won all available medals including Arthur Goggin winning Bronze in his first county competition.

Fergus James had to move up an age group to U12 but he won all his pool matches and was ranked 2nd however he was unfortunately knocked out 9-15 in the last 8.

All of Elliott Grover’s pool bouts in U18 epee ended either 5-4 to him or 4-5 against which showed a hard pool to compete in. Ranked 3rd after the pools Ells got a bye but was KO in the Semi Finals 12-15.

Owen Tuck won 4 out of 5 pool rounds and reached the semi finals.

This event was Eddie Blackman’s first competition and he was 4 up and 2 down after his pool fights but his lack of experience didn’t get his through his first DE round. A promising start for our newest fencer.

One of our fencers, Ben Dines has recently switched from foil to sabre, and is our only sabreur in the team. We nervously watched to see how he would fare against other clubs but were quickly reassured when he won 4 out of 7 matches to be crowned Surrey Sabre Champion.
Ben was also highly praised by Keith Smith, the President of British Fencing, for his good technique.

Coaches Katie, Chris, Mick and Tim were on hand all day supporting our fencers, although at one time we found ourselves all refereeing at the same time!
This was Mick's second competition as an ECcoach as he attended the Kent U16 and U18 Championships one week earlier; we hope he is impressed with the standard of our fencing that was on display.

Pictures from the event are here.

U18 Epee
Elliott Grover BRONZE

U16 Foil
Adam Aspden SILVER

U14 Epee
Harry Calder GOLD
Andrew Hughes SILVER
Elliott Wedge 7th place
Tim Pearson 8th place

U12 Sabre
Ben Dines GOLD

U14 Foil
Owen Tuck BRONZE

U12 Foil
Fergus James 5th place
Edward Blackman 7th place
James Marsdon 10th place

U10 Foil
Lewis Tuck GOLD
Isak Larsson-Yaprak SILVER
Arthur Goggin BRONZE

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