Monday, 31 January 2011

Brixton Epee LPJS results 2011

Well done to the five ECfencers competing in the Leon Paul Junior Series Brixton event at the weekend.
We won another 2 medals to add to our collection.

Under 15 event (17 entrants)
Our one fencer in this age group, Harry Calder, although on good form at the moment was KO in the first DE 12-15.
Harry was placed 15th overall.

Under 13 event (23 entrants)
Our two fencers in this age group both reached the final which ended 15-14 on priority.
It’s the third all Eltham final in 2 weeks.
Andrew Hughes GOLD
Adam Whitelaw SILVER

Under 11 event (26 entrants)
Our two fencers ended with respectable placing’s:
Christian Mitchell 8th place
Harrison Hazeldine 9th place

Monday, 24 January 2011

Surrey Youth Fencing Championships - results

Well done to our ECfencers winning 9 medals at the Surrey Youth Championships on Sunday 23rd January at Epsom College

It was a long and tiring day but all our fencers fought brilliantly throughout the day winning medals in all but one category entered.

Adam Aspden was once again so close to Gold being beaten 14-15 in the final of the U16 foil event, a repeat of the Kent Championships one week earlier!

There were two all Eltham finals which were both very well fought:

Firstly Harry Calder and Andrew Hughes in the U14 epee final was one of the best fought epee matches we have seen; all attacks coming with excellent timing, good choice of actions, no rash decisions. Wish we had filmed the match!
To reach the final both Harry and Andrew won all 5 of their pool matches to get Byes to the last 8 where they had to fence teammates Tim Pearson and Elliot Wedge.

Secondly a tense 10-9 battle between teammates Lewis Tuck and Isak larsson-Yaprak in the U10 final gave the referee a hard time with their quick actions. It was so well fenced it looked more like an U16 final.

Our under 10’s won all available medals including Arthur Goggin winning Bronze in his first county competition.

Fergus James had to move up an age group to U12 but he won all his pool matches and was ranked 2nd however he was unfortunately knocked out 9-15 in the last 8.

All of Elliott Grover’s pool bouts in U18 epee ended either 5-4 to him or 4-5 against which showed a hard pool to compete in. Ranked 3rd after the pools Ells got a bye but was KO in the Semi Finals 12-15.

Owen Tuck won 4 out of 5 pool rounds and reached the semi finals.

This event was Eddie Blackman’s first competition and he was 4 up and 2 down after his pool fights but his lack of experience didn’t get his through his first DE round. A promising start for our newest fencer.

One of our fencers, Ben Dines has recently switched from foil to sabre, and is our only sabreur in the team. We nervously watched to see how he would fare against other clubs but were quickly reassured when he won 4 out of 7 matches to be crowned Surrey Sabre Champion.
Ben was also highly praised by Keith Smith, the President of British Fencing, for his good technique.

Coaches Katie, Chris, Mick and Tim were on hand all day supporting our fencers, although at one time we found ourselves all refereeing at the same time!
This was Mick's second competition as an ECcoach as he attended the Kent U16 and U18 Championships one week earlier; we hope he is impressed with the standard of our fencing that was on display.

Pictures from the event are here.

U18 Epee
Elliott Grover BRONZE

U16 Foil
Adam Aspden SILVER

U14 Epee
Harry Calder GOLD
Andrew Hughes SILVER
Elliott Wedge 7th place
Tim Pearson 8th place

U12 Sabre
Ben Dines GOLD

U14 Foil
Owen Tuck BRONZE

U12 Foil
Fergus James 5th place
Edward Blackman 7th place
James Marsdon 10th place

U10 Foil
Lewis Tuck GOLD
Isak Larsson-Yaprak SILVER
Arthur Goggin BRONZE

Friday, 21 January 2011

Brixton LPJS Epee 30th January 2011

Below is the entry list for the Brixton LPJS Epee event.
So far ECfencing has 3 entries for this competition which is very poor.
All epeeists should be entering, closing date is now Monday 24th January.
Details and application forms are here including email address and phone number of the organiser to check if late entries will be accepted.

Under 15 - BOYS
Blackmore Noah RGS High Wycombe
Calder Harry Eltham College
Crowne Joel Salle Paul
Downes Jeremy Durovernum
Goodenough Felix Tiger Sword
Hornby Edgar Reading
Ofosu-Appeach Obuobi Haverstock
Peck Harry Brixton
Prior Cameron Gravesham
Stigant Liam Chichester
Stuart Jamie Redhill & Reigate
Swinbank Felix Frisby
Tidmarsh Ned Brixton
Trussardi Aimeric Escrime Academy
Under 13 - BOYS
East Will Durovenum
Belot Antonie Escrime Academy
d'Arbonneau Charles Escrime Academy
Penverne Leonard Escrime Academy
Whitelaw Adam Eltham College
Hayden Octavian
Hughes Andrew Eltham College
Lucas Tyler Gravesham
Kurz Jordan Max Haverstock
Benz Edward Kings Wimbledon
Under 11 - BOYS
Achkan Lucas Escrime Academy
Campbell Williams Kayne Brixton
Farmanfarmaian David Brixton
Hayden Christopher Escrime Academy
Holt Oscar CADS
Kurz Jordan Alexander Haverstock
Lobo Berg Gabriel Chelea
Louis Avery Escrime Academy
Njamfa Arthur Escrime Academy
Penverne Arthur Escrime Academy
Robertson William Kings Canterbury
Saudrais – Hough Joseph Escrime Academy
Sells Alexander Plymouth
Yildiz Alfan
Under 9 - BOYS
Ferragu Paul Escrime Academy
Haddad Justin Chelsea
MacLean Kit Chelsea
Orly Joan Battersea
Yildiz Teoman

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

U16 and Senior Boys and Girls Foil, Epée and Sabre Championships 2010/2011

Congratulations to Elliott Grover and Adam Aspden who both reached the final in their age groups. There was a high standard of fencing in all weapons and we enjoyed hosting an incident free competition. Well done to all the competitors, and also to all the helpers named below who set up, cleared away, refereed, run the check in desk, piste assisted and supplied us all with food.
Thanks to Katie, Manola, Mick, Chris G, Chris C, Tarran, Jamie, Jon, Cos, Cassie, Peter, Janet, Jane, Marc, Denis, Mr and Miss Rabbit, Mrs and Miss Elf, Mr Wedgie, Mr Robin Hood, Mrs Bouncy, Noone, Trout, Dark, Eddie, Mars, Bouncy, Spike, Nut, Rust, Nessie, Rabbit, Elf, Pyscho and Robin. Some photos of the day are here.

U16 Boys Foil
1 Thomas Golby Gravesham FC
2 Adam Aspden Eltham College
3 Ned Wontner Tonbridge School
3 Dishaun Gordon Bishop Challoner
5 William Ross Mallard FC
6 Conor McKee Tonbridge School
7 Dom Chester Tonbridge School
8 Aiden Ko Tonbridge School

U16 Girls Foil
1 Joanne Cornish Mallard FC
2 Francesca Aston Bishop Challoner
3 Chloe Campbell Bishop Challoner
3 Hannah O'Dowd Bishop Challoner
5 Helena Heath Mallard FC

Senior Boys Foil
1 Joe Joyner Gravesham FC
2 Joe Hon Tonbridge School
3 Edward Massey Tonbridge School
3 Alex Cowan Tonbridge School
5 Andrew Wynn Owen Tonbridge School
6 Alex Tong Tonbridge School
7 Jeffrey Poon Tonbridge School
8 Alexander Bliss Tonbridge School
9 James Derbyshire Tonbridge School
10 Vincent Chow Tonbridge School
11 Christopher Han Tonbridge School
12 Anthony Fong Tonbridge School
13 Andrew Owen Tonbridge School

U16 Boys Epee
1 Barnaby Gliksten Kings School Canterbury
2 Dishaun Gordon Bishop Challoner
3 Felix Li Kings School Canterbury
3 Cameron Prior Gravesham FC
5 Declan Ng Tonbridge School
6 Jordan Ratcliffe Eltham College

U16 Girls Epee
1 Francesca Aston Bishop Challoner
2 Joanne Cornish Mallard FC
3 Chloe Campbell Bishop Challoner
3 Hannah O’Dowd Bishop Challoner

Senior Boys Epee
1 John Allen Gravesend Grammer
2 Elliott Grover Eltham College
3 Jeffrey Poon Tonbridge School
3 Jamie Johnson Kings School Canterbury
5 Joe Joyner Gravesham FC
6 Joe Hon Tonbridge School
7 Lawrence Ma Kings School Canterbury
8 Alex Cowan Tonbridge School
9 Andrew Wynn Owen Tonbridge School
10 Edward Massey Tonbridge School
11 James Derbyshire Tonbridge School
12 Alex Tong Tonbridge School
13 John Clugston Tonbridge School

Senior Girls Epee
1 Sophie Wallis Kings School Canterbury

U16 Boys Sabre
1 Dishaun Gordon Bishop Challoner
2 Dom Chester Tonbridge School
3 Adam Aspden Eltham College
3 Ned Wontner Tonbridge School

U16 Girls Sabre
1 Chloe Campbell Bishop Challoner
2 Hannah O’Dowd Bishop Challoner
3 Francesca Aston Bishop Challoner

Senior Boys Sabre
1 Joe Hon Tonbridge School
2 Alex Cowan Tonbridge School
3 James Derbyshire Tonbridge School
3 Andrew Wynn Owen Tonbridge School
5 Andrew Owen Tonbridge School
6 John Clugston Tonbridge School

Brentwood Day

10 ECfencers visited Brentwood School on Saturday 15th January and we joined them for their morning warm up and footwork sessions. After lunch we had a friendly foil and epee competition. We were impressed with their facilities; dedicated fencing salle, competition hall and choice of 2 other halls. There is even a fencing office for the head coach. Thanks to Chris G for organising the day. There will be another day with more schools invited on 21st May. Some photos of the day are here

Monday, 10 January 2011

Postponed ECfencing Christmas meal

This will take place on Sunday 13th February at 1.30pm.
We will be leaving school at 1pm going to Zero Degrees in Backheath.
Parents attending should come to the school to help with transport.
If there are any additional fencers that can now go please let me know ASAP.

BFA Membership renewal

When you now renew your individual membership you will be asked which region you wish to represent. This is to allow fencers to be loyal to a region if they move out of the area.
Selecting a region will determine which area fencers can represent at the British Championships (and therefore which region fencers compete in the qualifiers).
We are in the South East region and are part of the Kent Fencing Union.

Non-combativity rule change

This rule is for DE only, not for pool rounds or team events.

When both fencers make clear their unwillingness to fight, the referee will call ‘Halt’. If one of the two criteria below is present, there is unwillingness to fight:

1. One minute of fencing without a hit

2. Absence of blade contact or excessive distance (greater than the distance of a step-lunge) for 15 seconds.

If this rule is applied during the two first periods of direct elimination, the referee will proceed to the next period, without the minute rest.

If this rule is applied during the third period of direct elimination, the referee will proceed to a last minute of fencing.

This last minute, which will be fenced in its entirety, will be decisive and will be preceded by a drawing of lots to decide the winner should the scores be equal at the end of the minute.

So, the main rule change is that fencers are no longer carded for this offense, which is good news generally. However, strict officials could call non-combativity more often, especially for epee where 15 seconds without blade contact is common. Hopefully referees will use the rules sensibly!

Claire Bennett's Blog

From: Andy (Web Admin)

Fencers (and parents)! Are you following Claire Bennett's blog, hosted by the Daily Telegraph? It's a fascinating insight into the Olympic preparations of the Great Britain Women's Foil Team Captain. Claire's most recent entry includes some great video, plus talk of her upcoming training camp (including the ever-popular bleep test!).

To follow Claire's blog, you can either repeatedly revisit the web site (yawn), or subscribe to her news feed using a news reader such as Google Reader. News Readers are a great way to subscribe to lots of blogs and other news feeds; you just view your news reader each day like a newspaper; any updates to any of your subscribed feeds are shown in your reader. Interested but not sure of the detail? Drop me a line and I'll organise an after-Sunday-fencing session for ECfencers and parents.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

The EC coaching staff wish all the fencers and parents a Happy New Year.

I'll be posting a summary of the highlights of 2010 soon.

Our postponed Christmas meal will now take place in Febrary, detail to follow soon.

Good luck to all our fencers this year, especially those who have the challenge of moving up an age group. There is a old chinese proverb "Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."

January to March training times - Junior School hall

Rather than split the group into weapons, which would cause problems for s&c, I’ve split them into ages.
This is only for 3 months, and we are away a lot for competitions also.
We welcome Mick Johnson who joins the coaching staff for January as our Epee Coach.

Junior School fencers (foil and epee)
9.30am Warm up game TOC
10.00am Footwork CG EG
10.30am Break and kit on
10.40am Weapon specific training CG TOC MJ (EG till 11am)
12.20pm Break
12.30pm Individual lesson lead by senior fencer
12.50pm Team talk
1.00pm Finish

Senior School fencers (foil, epee and sabre)
11am Meet at Jnr Sch hall
11.15am Gym s&c session JR
12.30pm Teach individual lesson
12.50pm Team talk
1.00pm Weapon specific training, individual lessons and performance TOC JR MJ(Individual senior foil lesson till 1.30pm CG)
2.30pm Finish

Competitions Spring Term 2011

The diary has been updated with the competitions for this term, please enter the following competitions ASAP if they are relevant: Surrey Youth Championships, Brixton LPJS Epee, Elite Epee, SE qualifiers for the British Championships.
The Brixton Epee is particularly suitable for our newer epeeists as there will be a plate competition – fencers knocked out early will form their our competition so are able to continue.

Public Schools Fencing Championships 2011

This is the biggest competition in Europe and we have entered every year for the past 5 years, winning 3 medals and a team trophy.
It takes place during school time; Tuesday 22nd March to Thursday 24th March and is open to our Senior School fencers from year 8 upwards.
Our fencers usually compete in all 3 weapons but if there is exam pressure then this can be reduced. Please email Tim ASAP if your son wishes to attend.