Monday, 29 November 2010

Mobile Fencing (with Apple iPhone & iPod touch)

From: Harry Calder

Here is a quick review of some good iPhone (and iPod touch) apps for fencing on the app store.


This app is a score counter to be used during a match. It has a lovely interface, smooth graphics and cool sound effects. It doesn't have all the features of a paid app such as a pool sheet and it took me a minute to work out how to change the names of fencers from the standard left and right, but considering it's priced at nothing it's definitely worth getting if you don't want to pay. (7/10, A solid app, but lacking some features of the paid ones.)

Score Counter

This app isn't quite as smooth as its rival Fence. It doesn't have any features such as saving bouts and naming fencers, and the graphics are pretty poor. It looks as if the buttons have been copied and pasted off the Internet and it makes a weird sound when you tap them. This app has been put together shoddily and I wouldn't recommend it if you are going to go with a free app. (5/10, Functional, but not extensive or pretty)


FencingRef (£1.19)

This app is a really, really good way of keeping score in fencing. Whereas the others are all more of novelties than actually useful apps, this one really does make refereeing bouts easier. You can make pools of up to 8 fencers in the program itself and name the fencers in the pool. It then automatically sequences the bouts and takes you to the scoring screen with the names of the fencers on the top and the ability to switch the sides they are on to avoid confusion. If you double tap the time in the middle the start/stop button enlarges to make it easier to stop quickly and the buttons are very quick and responsive. There are shortcuts to different times on the clock and it also has an injury time clock. Hopefully you won't need to use them, but it also includes cards, so no more fumbling around in your pocket. (9.8/10, Really great, but support for odd numbers and more people in the pools would certainly be nice)

If you have £1.20 spare then I would definitely go with fencing ref, but otherwise fence is the one to go for. I will add to this article as I discover more apps and have the money to buy them, as most fencing apps are paid, but in my opinion FencingRef is one of the best out there.

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