Friday, 24 September 2010

Summer Camp 2010

Our fencers now;
Understand the importance of a planned routine to prepare for competition.
Understand how to make a game plan to approach each opponent and how to alter the plan during combat.
Understand how to analyse their opponents.
Have improved their footwork.
Have improved their fitness and stamina.
Have improved their strength and conditioning.
Understand how teamwork can help improve all our fencers ability.
Understand the value of training diaries.
Can carry out repairs and maintenance on their weapons.
Have improved close quarter combat, fl├Ęche attacks and pronated parries.
Have proved once again that they are worthy of the time and effort needed by the coaches to help them succeed.

Some pictures from the week are here.

Also a preview copy of the video shown on the last day recapping the week is here. Copies are available (at a cost) on request, together with the portrait photos taken by Fergus and Robin.

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