Sunday, 12 September 2010

British Selection Circuit (Epee) and London Foil

Jordan and Ells (yes, Tim takes much better pictures than me!)
From: Andy (Web Admin)
Three club fencers were competing this weekend, in two separate locations.

Jordan Ratcliffe and Elliot Grover were in Hampton at the British Selection Circuit event for epee. This was a combined U17 and U20 event, so a tough step up for Jordan and Ells. Both fencers put on a good showing in the poules. With 78 entrants, Jordan was seeded 76= and Ells a fantastic 52. Sadly, these two seedings resulted in the Eltham fencers facing each other in the first round! Ells won the intra-Eltham match 15-9 and faced the 13 seed (Dixon) in the 2nd round. Sadly, Ells lost this match 7-15. All-in-all, both fencers did very well against much older competition. [Update: Results are now on Kate Smith's web site]

Meanwhile, Adam Aspden (supported by Jon Rhodes) was competing in the London Foil at Brunel University. It too was an under 20 event with some of the top ranked fencers in the country competing. He fenced very well, and was one of the youngest (and shortest!) competitors there. Despite winning only one of his poule fights the rest were close fought matches. Although he did not make the DE (missing out on it by 3 hits) he gained valuable experience. [Update: Results are now on the London Foil web site]

Adam is hoping to build on that experience when he fights at the Manchester Cadet Foil event next weekend, and so are Jordan and Ells who are competing in the ManCad Epee next weekend.

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