Friday, 23 July 2010

Fencer & Family Picnic - Sunday 8th August 2010

From: Andy (Web Admin)

We didn't have an end-of-term meal, so we're organising a simple, informal picnic to be held at the junior school at 1pm after fencing on Sunday 8th August. Weather permitting! All ECfencing members and their families are very welcome.

It'll be a "bring your own" affair, but we'll try to organise a list of things for the fencers to bring so we don't end-up with 200 sausage rolls and no drinks!

Hopefully the weather will be fine. We'll make a judgement on the day. If we need to cancel then we'll put a note on the web site prior to midday.

Elf has suggested that a water fight might also be arranged. So, come armed with a suitable change of clothes and a battery of Super Soakers!! You have been warned.

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