Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Chris wins Gold in Amsterdam

Well done to Chris on retaining the team title.

Chris report:

On Sunday the 6th of June the National Dutch Team Championships took place in Amsterdam.
My team is Scaramouche Fencing Club from Arnhem.
Last year we won the title in men's foil, and we were keen on taking the cup with us again.
Since we were seeded number 1 and there were 11 teams in total, we had a bye in the last sixteen and were immediately qualified for the quarterfinals.
In the quarterfinals we met Zair Fencing Club from Rotterdam.
A special meeting for me, since I lived and fenced in Rotterdam for many years. It meant I was fencing against my old sparring partners and we won the meeting quite comfortably with 45-26.
In the semi-finals we met the team from Alkmaar. In the beginning the fight was quite equal, but after the first few bouts we took the lead and comfortably won 45-29.
In the final we met our rival fencing club Amsterdam just like the year before.
We started very well and were leading after three bouts with 15-6. In the remaining bouts of the match we did not give this lead away and won the match with 45-34.
This meant for me the second Dutch team gold medal in a row!
So for all you Eltham fencers: I am sorry I was not there to train you on that Sunday, but I think the time was well spent!"

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