Friday, 16 April 2010

New term, new web site, new challenges

After each terms fencing I always worry that we can’t improve on the previous terms successes.

However each term the fencers prove that I have nothing to fear - this year has started great with the Spring term producing 26 medals in 10 competitions, won by 10 different fencers.

Also 6 fencers have qualified as piste assistants, one fencer is learning about sports photography and another is training to become a qualified coach.

We have run 2 training courses, plus we are probably the first fencing team in the country to start using “Dartfish” video analysis (more on Dartfish to follow).

So now we start the Summer Term, and we’ve hit the ground running – tomorrow is the Elite Epee Final and on Sunday we are launching this blog site to the fencing team.

This term will be very busy for us, and includes the 2 main fixtures of the year; the British and England Youth Championships. We no longer ask IF we can get another fencer into the England Squad, we now ask WHEN.

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