Monday, 26 April 2010

England Fencing Tomorrow Achievers is back!

England Fencing has re-introduced the Tomorrow’s Achievers (TA) training courses.

The TA training sessions are a chance for young fencers who have already reached a high standard in their age-groups to train together for intensive, day long sessions. These cover all aspects of fencing, including warm-up, footwork and bladework as well as a chance to fence peers at national standard, but outside of the pressure of competition.

TA days are aimed at fencers in the 10 – 14 year old age bracket, and it is intended to act as a feeder to the newly established British Fencing Academy. Fencers should have been fencing for at least a year or two, be competing regularly and successfully, and aspire to fence at national and international level.

The first two TA training sessions will be at Rye St. Antony School, Franklin Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 7SA, on 22nd May and 12th June 2010.

For EC fencer’s entry to TA can be achieved by invitation (based on competition results) or by nomination (Head Coach recommending fencer to the TA organiser as being of an appropriate standard for TA). Parents can nominate their own sons but I respectfully request that EC parents do not go this route.

We are recommending 3 fencers for the TA at the moment: Adam Aspden, Adam Whitelaw and Andrew Hughes.

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