Thursday, 22 April 2010

Elite Epee Grand Final results

The Elite Epee Series is a three event competition based near Leatherhead.

The three events are held in October, December and February, and the top 8 fencers overall are invited to the grand final in April. Being one of the best run competitions in the country it always attracts the best fencers, and to reach the final is an achievement in itself.

Club results after 3 events:

U13 3rd Adam Whitelaw

U13 4th Andrew Hughes

U13 12th Harry Calder

U16 30th Jordan Ratcliffe

U16 33rd Elliott Grover

Adam and Andrew, being placed in the top 8, were both fencing in the final last weekend. They had both previously won events in the series, but unfortunately didn’t have their previous success. Adam, fencing with a persistent injury, was placed 8th and Andrew (who was ranked 2nd after the pools) was placed 5th after being knocked out by William Woodley (ex-Eltham College) 12-10 in the first round.

Not winning a competition always means that there are lessons to be learnt, and our fencers need to remember to watch the time left in a bout, especially when the score is close. With 5 seconds left and a point down, you probably need to attack. With 5 seconds left and a point up, you probably need to run away (but not over the rear line).

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