Thursday, 29 April 2010

Quick update for EC fencers

1) No fencing this Suday because of BYC. 2) Sign up for armoury course (I'm going to keep on at you until you do!)

Monday, 26 April 2010

Photos by Fergus

There are now some great photos taken by Fergus in our on-line Gallery, and more on the schools photo drive. They are in two albums; "Public Schools National Championships 2010 - Fergus Noone" and "British Team Championships 2010 - Fergus Noone".

Armoury Course - Sign up now

ALL Eltham College fencers are to be trained in armoury and refeering, they are essential skills for fencers! Please sign up for the 15th May course ASAP. Details here.

England Fencing Tomorrow Achievers is back!

England Fencing has re-introduced the Tomorrow’s Achievers (TA) training courses.

The TA training sessions are a chance for young fencers who have already reached a high standard in their age-groups to train together for intensive, day long sessions. These cover all aspects of fencing, including warm-up, footwork and bladework as well as a chance to fence peers at national standard, but outside of the pressure of competition.

TA days are aimed at fencers in the 10 – 14 year old age bracket, and it is intended to act as a feeder to the newly established British Fencing Academy. Fencers should have been fencing for at least a year or two, be competing regularly and successfully, and aspire to fence at national and international level.

The first two TA training sessions will be at Rye St. Antony School, Franklin Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 7SA, on 22nd May and 12th June 2010.

For EC fencer’s entry to TA can be achieved by invitation (based on competition results) or by nomination (Head Coach recommending fencer to the TA organiser as being of an appropriate standard for TA). Parents can nominate their own sons but I respectfully request that EC parents do not go this route.

We are recommending 3 fencers for the TA at the moment: Adam Aspden, Adam Whitelaw and Andrew Hughes.

Warwick LPJS Epee Results - April 2010

The Warwick event in the Leon Paul Junior Series is one of the best run and best attended epee competitions in the fencing calendar. Reaching the last 8 was the target for our two intrepid epeeists last weekend; Adam Whitelaw came 6th and Andrew Hughes came 7th in the Under13 event. Well done!

Academy Cup Results - April 2010

The Academy Cup is a series of 4 competitions run throughout the year, and four Eltham College Club fencers attended the event last weekend
Adam Aspden, who had come 3rd twice last year, achieved a Silver medal in the Under14 event. His most notable match was winning the semis 15-12 coming back from 2-8 down.
Lewis Tuck and George Garton had to face each other early in the Under10 DE's and came 8th and 9th respectably. Owen Tuck came 10th in a difficult Under12 event.
Hopefully more EC fencers will sign up for the next Academy Cup event on 26th June 2010. Picture is Adam on the left in the final.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Armoury course and exam on 15th May

Saturday 15th May at Eltham College Junior School Hall.
Peter Huggins will be running the first two modules in the Journeyman Armoury Award.
Full details in previous post.
9.30am to 12.30pm Weapons Control*
12.30pm to 1pm Lunch (Bring packed lunch)
1pm to 4pm Fault finding
*Fencers who attended the weapons control module at Whitgift School don’t need to do this module again.
Limited to 15 places, open to EC fencers at the moment, but will extend to the public if places are available. Suitable for fencers and parents.
Cost is £5 per module per person.
Contact Tim O’Conor (see email address on contacts page) to reserve your place.

Officiating courses at Eltham College

After a visit to the club last Sunday by Jack Boteler, the BFA Young Official Development Officer, we are to hold our own officiating courses at the School. He enjoyed his visit to us, and especially liked the Q&A’s part when he was asked “do you like bagels”.

Unfortunately there are various age restrictions for the awards, but fencers can pass the exams early and the awards become “official” at the required ages. BUT all fencers that pass will get a certificate.

When dates for the courses become available they will be advertised here, and places will be offered first to Eltham College Club members, then to others outside the club.

Peter Huggins, chair of the Guild of Armourers will be instructing our fencers in the four modules needed to pass the Journeyman Armourer Award. The modules are:
1. Weapon control
2. Floor design, layout and piste laying including apparatus assembly
3. Fault Finding – personal equipment and apparatus
4. Equipment repairs
The full details of the modules are in a file “Journeyman armourer examination procedure” in the Files section of our member’s area.

David Baker and Nick Payne, both FIE referee’s, will be teaching and examining the grade 3 and 4 referees award.
Full details of the refereeing awards are at:

Piste Assistants Course
This course covers scoring & timekeeping for a referee, general introduction to officiating at fencing events.
We will be running these courses ourselves as and when required.
The course lasts 2 hours and you don’t have to be a fencer to attend.
The session includes a presentation and practical exam and candidates are provided with a resource booklet.

Competition Administrator
This is a one day course and includes training to run software used for international fencing events.
Applicant must have basic IT skills and must bring a laptop to the course.
No prior knowledge of fencing essential.
This course will run once we have enough candidates.

Discussion is Buzzing in the Members' Lounge

By: ECfencing Web Admin (Andy)

Well, if I'm honest, there's two new discussion topics since the weekend, one of which is from Tim and the other is from me! And there are only six members, so it's a bit lonely in the members' lounge. But I'd like to think those new topics are of interest to all fencers (and parents). Apply for membership! We want the opinions of fencers and parents in the discussions.

Membership is easy. Just visit the front door of the Members'Area (by clicking the Members links from the ECfencing web site, or going directly to If you have a Google Account (because you're a Gmail user for example) just click the "Sign in and apply for membership" link.

If you don't have a Google Account, fear not, you do not face a huge hurdle. Creating a Google Account is not a big deal and doesn't come with a heap of baggage. I wrote about this in a previous article but, simply put, you just need to click the "Sign in and apply for membership" link and then click the Create an Account button over the right-side.

Once you've got a Google Account and you've applied for membership of the club's discussion group, you'll quickly be granted membership (if I recognise you as a fencer, parent or coach) and you'll be able to access the Members' Area. Once in, I recommend you click the Edit My Membership link on the right-side of the page and select the most appropriate "How do you want to read this group?" option for you. In essence, you can choose to be emailed whenever there's a new addition to a discussion, or just once a day (with a digest of new posts), or never (meaning you need to visit the Members' Area to see the latest contributions to discussions).

The fencers always show a great deal of enthusiasm when offered the opportunity to contribute to the club's progression. The Members' Area will become a popular place for discussion. Join now, don't miss-out!

Elite Epee Grand Final results

The Elite Epee Series is a three event competition based near Leatherhead.

The three events are held in October, December and February, and the top 8 fencers overall are invited to the grand final in April. Being one of the best run competitions in the country it always attracts the best fencers, and to reach the final is an achievement in itself.

Club results after 3 events:

U13 3rd Adam Whitelaw

U13 4th Andrew Hughes

U13 12th Harry Calder

U16 30th Jordan Ratcliffe

U16 33rd Elliott Grover

Adam and Andrew, being placed in the top 8, were both fencing in the final last weekend. They had both previously won events in the series, but unfortunately didn’t have their previous success. Adam, fencing with a persistent injury, was placed 8th and Andrew (who was ranked 2nd after the pools) was placed 5th after being knocked out by William Woodley (ex-Eltham College) 12-10 in the first round.

Not winning a competition always means that there are lessons to be learnt, and our fencers need to remember to watch the time left in a bout, especially when the score is close. With 5 seconds left and a point down, you probably need to attack. With 5 seconds left and a point up, you probably need to run away (but not over the rear line).

Friday, 16 April 2010

New term, new web site, new challenges

After each terms fencing I always worry that we can’t improve on the previous terms successes.

However each term the fencers prove that I have nothing to fear - this year has started great with the Spring term producing 26 medals in 10 competitions, won by 10 different fencers.

Also 6 fencers have qualified as piste assistants, one fencer is learning about sports photography and another is training to become a qualified coach.

We have run 2 training courses, plus we are probably the first fencing team in the country to start using “Dartfish” video analysis (more on Dartfish to follow).

So now we start the Summer Term, and we’ve hit the ground running – tomorrow is the Elite Epee Final and on Sunday we are launching this blog site to the fencing team.

This term will be very busy for us, and includes the 2 main fixtures of the year; the British and England Youth Championships. We no longer ask IF we can get another fencer into the England Squad, we now ask WHEN.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Here's the web site

Here's a quick introduction to the highlights of the web site.
  • Click the silver, triangular Play button alongside the Prezi icon (at the bottom of the presentation frame below)
  • Wait until More appears at the right-side of the Play button
  • Click More then Full Screen
  • Finally, repeatedly click the Play button (or click your mouse button) to move through the presentation