Friday, 12 March 2010

Parents Charter

The Parents Charter forms part of the constitution of the Eltham College Fencing Club and should be read in conjunction with the Fencers and Coaches Charter.

  • Parents must ensure fencers attend training sessions regularly and arrive on time.
  • Parents must enter fencers into their relevant competitions and be prepared to transport fencers to and from competitions.
  • At competitions parents must act as spectators only and not get involved in fencing, coaching, refereeing decisions unless instructed by an Eltham College Coach. Parents must remember that the referee's decision is final and respect referees by not publicly questioning their honesty or decision making.
  • Parents must seek the Head Coaches approval before entering other competitions, taking on additional training or attending external courses. The Head Coaches decision is final in these matters.
  • Eltham College must be the fencer’s main base for training and fencers must only enter competitions under the name of Eltham College.
  • Parents must purchase breeches and long socks and obtain BFA membership to allow fencers to enter competitions.
  • Parents must remember that the fencers are competing for their own enjoyment and not for the parent’s ambitions or egos.
  • Parents must encourage children who get knocked out of competitions - never criticise or ridicule them.
  • Parents must applaud good play by all participants - children learn best by example.
  • Parents must teach children that honest endeavour is as important as victory. Defeat should be accepted with dignity.
  • Parents must feedback to coaches quickly if they feel the coaches have not provided the service outlined in the Coaches Charter.

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