Friday, 12 March 2010

Fencers Charter

The Fencers Charter forms part of the constitution of the Eltham College Fencing Club and should be read in conjunction with the Parents and Coaches Charter.

  • Fencers must behave and act responsibly at all times and conduct themselves in a manner which achieves their best performance.
  • Fencers must show respect to coaches, fencers, competition officials and opponents.
  • Fencers must attend training sessions regularly and enter appropriate competitions.
  • Fencers must keep their kit in good working order.
  • Fencers are expected to expand their knowledge and learn at least one different aspect of fencing; refereeing, armouring, coaching, sports psychology, sports photography etc.
  • Fencers must carry out pre and post competition routines as discussed with the coaches.
  • At competitions fencers must support our other fencers and should remain at the competition until our last fencer has finished.
  • Fencers must show respect to all equipment and leave the training hall and competition venues tidy and clear away all rubbish, whoever it belongs to.
  • Fencers must always train hard and do their best.
  • Fencers must avoid any influence, which might, or might be seen to, bring into question their commitment to the team.

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