Sunday, 28 March 2010

Olympic Alert - Register Your Interest

The London 2012 web site now allows you to register your interest in tickets. Tickets are not on sale yet! Signing-up will mean you get ticketing news when it's available. Within the registration questions you'll be asked to specify your favourite Olympic sports - don't forget to tick Fencing!

ExCeL, located in east London's Royal Victoria Docks, will host seven Olympic sports (Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Weightlifting and Wrestling) and five Paralympic sports (Boccia, Judo, Powerlifting, Table Tennis and Wheelchair Fencing) in five arenas. Up to 40,000 seats will be available to watch the action.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Posting Schedule

When an author publishes an article, it immediately becomes visible on the web site and will be tweeted pretty soon after. The following day it'll be included in the automatic email digest for all email subscribers.

If authors post their articles on random days, the email subscribers will get emails on many days of the week. This will lead to frustration over the volume of emails, and will lead to the club's messages being ignored and not read.

So, we have a publishing schedule whereby all but the most important messages are published on Monday so that they are automatically emailed on Tuesday. Our authors can write their articles on any day of the week and can specify the date that their articles should be published.

For your further information, the automatic emails are sent by Google Feedburner between 7am and 9am and they include all new articles since the last digest was sent. No email is sent on any day when there are no new articles!

When writing an article, authors can schedule the publication of their work, so they are not restricted to writing on Mondays! At the bottom of the article editing window is the Post Options link, just above the Publish Post button (see alongside here). After clicking the Post Options link, the author can select the publication date and date (see below). By selecting a time after 9am, the article will be automatically published on the chosen date and will be automatically emailed (and tweeted) the following day.

What Is A Google Account? Will I Need One?

You'll need a Google Account if wish to use the Members' Area or if you are to contribute articles to the web site. To simply use the web site (and receive email updates) you don't need a Google Account.

The club's web site is built upon a collection of Google components: principally Blogger, Feedburner, Calendar, Picasa and Groups. To play an active part in the Members' Area (a Google Group) you need to be known to Google, and that's where a Google Account comes in; it's a means of identifying yourself to Google, and you can use it across all Google systems. It's done by referring to your existing email ID - either your home email, or your work email, or some other email address.

If you're prompted to create a Google Account, just supply an existing email address as the Username, and choose a password (it doesn't have to be a password that you may already associate with the email address). Having done this you'll be prompted for a few more bits and bobs of information and then you'll be set.

Once you've got a Google Account you'll be surprised how many services Google supplies. The list includes Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, iGoogle (personalised search home page), and Buzz. You can use the same Google Account for all of these.

Friday, 12 March 2010

What is NIF?

Briefly, NIF stands for Notional International Fencer and is a statistical index of how strong a competition is.

This index is used to weight the ranking points given for results in competitions - clearly a 10th place in a competition with 100 entrants, including all of the top 10 fencers in the country is worth more than a 10th place in a competition with only 10 entrants, all of whom started fencing last week!

There's more information on the England Fencing web site.

Previous EC Web Site Fencing Articles

As proud parents of fencers, we'd all like to see the school web site feature more fencing(!), but the following selection shows that the school web site does a good job of reflecting the boys'continuing successes.

Seven medals in one week from five fencers was a great way to spend the February half term (wonderful photo too)

3 medals from 3 fencers in Somerset

5 medals at the Surrey Youth Championships in Epson

Harry Calder brings home bronze from Alencon, France

HELP - Jobs & Responsibilities

There are some responsibilities that we would like parents to volunteer to run. Please let Tim know if you are willing to take on any of theses roles:

Web Administrator – to set up and maintain an ECFC web site to include upcoming competitions, results, photos, fencer’s profiles etc.

Fundraising Administrator – to organise various fund raising activities throughout the year to help the Club financially with trips, courses, competition entry fees and travel expenses etc.

Competitions Administrator – to upkeep the competition calendar and plan travel arrangements to competitions.

Sunday Training

Due to the high numbers attending and training in two weapons we have been experimenting with the times on Sundays. Over time the foil session will develop similar to the more advanced epee session as we want both weapons to flourish and become elite. The present set up is working fine and is as follows:

9.30am Warm up
10.00am Individual and group sessions
12noon Finish

10.30am Assist foilists / work on chosen area (armouring, refereeing, coaching, performance, photography)
11.30am Fitness session in ELSC gym
12noon Individual and group sessions
1.30pm Free fencing
2.30pm Finish

Easter Training Camp

Monday 29th March to Thursday 1 April.

Suitable for all fencers.

Monday to Wednesday we will be concentrating on the following areas:
Endurance & Stamina.
Choice of actions & analytical thinking.
Protocol & presence on the piste.

Thursday will be a morning competition and afternoon fun games session.

Cost depends on numbers attending.
Please text or email Tim if your son wishes to attend.


As a high profile club winning medals at virtually every competition we would like to seek sponsorship for team clothing (tracksuits, hoodies, t-shirts). Total sponsorship for the first year would be £3,000. Sponsors would advertise on our team clothing and web site. If any parents are company directors or know of any that may be interested please discuss this with Tim.

Public Schools National Championships

Tues 16th to Thurs 18th March at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, SE19 2BB

All fencers to meet at CPNSC at 8am each day (it will get VERY crowded after 9am).
All fencers must wear EC tracksuit and MUST bring BFA membership card and full working kit.

Mount-Haes Foil 17th March 9.30am Moulder, Ratcliffe, Noone, Calder, Aspden
Mount-Haes Epee 16th March 9.30am Moulder, Ratcliffe, Noone, Calder, Aspden
Mount-Haes Sabre 18th March 8.30am Moulder, Ratcliffe, Calder, Aspden
Junior Foil 17th March 8.30am Grover
Junior Epee 16th March 8.30am Grover, Schaff, Fox, Chughtai
Junior Sabre 18th March 9am Grover
Senior Epee 17th March 8.30am Radoslaw Tereszkowski-Kaminski

British School Teams Championships

Sat 13th and Sun 14th March at Acland Burghley School, London, NW5 1UJ

All fencers named below must attend and MUST bring BFA membership card and full working kit.

Year 5 &6 Foil and Epee (Foil Sat 12noon, Epee Sun 9am)
Team 1: Hughes, Hood, & Wells (Res: Garton)
Team 2: Mitchell, Hill-Smith & Hazeldine (Res: Garton)

Year 7 & 8 Foil and Epee (Foil Sat 12noon, Epee Sun 9am)
Team 1: Noone, Aspden & Calder
Team 2: Wedge, Pearson, Tuck

Year 9 & 10 Foil and Epee (Epee Sat 9am, Foil Sun 12noon)
Team 1: Grover, Ratcliffe & Moulder

Year 11 to 13 Epee (Sat 9am)
Team 1: Schaff, Chughtai, Tereszkowski-Kaminski

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Fencers Charter

The Fencers Charter forms part of the constitution of the Eltham College Fencing Club and should be read in conjunction with the Parents and Coaches Charter.

  • Fencers must behave and act responsibly at all times and conduct themselves in a manner which achieves their best performance.
  • Fencers must show respect to coaches, fencers, competition officials and opponents.
  • Fencers must attend training sessions regularly and enter appropriate competitions.
  • Fencers must keep their kit in good working order.
  • Fencers are expected to expand their knowledge and learn at least one different aspect of fencing; refereeing, armouring, coaching, sports psychology, sports photography etc.
  • Fencers must carry out pre and post competition routines as discussed with the coaches.
  • At competitions fencers must support our other fencers and should remain at the competition until our last fencer has finished.
  • Fencers must show respect to all equipment and leave the training hall and competition venues tidy and clear away all rubbish, whoever it belongs to.
  • Fencers must always train hard and do their best.
  • Fencers must avoid any influence, which might, or might be seen to, bring into question their commitment to the team.

Coaches Charter

The Coaches Charter forms part of the constitution of the Eltham College Fencing Club and should be read in conjunction with the Fencers and Parents Charter.

  • Coaches must treat all fencers equally and fairly and divide their time evenly between all fencers. Coaches will respect the rights, dignity and worth of every fencer.
  • Coaches must provide a safe and fun atmosphere for the fencers and place their well being above the development of performance.
  • Coaches must be willing to attend courses and training to enhance their performance.
  • Coaches must prepare and deliver appropriate training programmes with varied drills.
  • Coaches must attend nominated competitions when the majority of fencers are competing.
  • Coaches are expected to attend all practice sessions (unless arrangements are made in advance).
  • Coaches should maintain an attitude that is inspirational to the club and promote the positive aspects of the sport.
  • Coaches should be approachable for any fencer and should listen to the needs of the club.
  • Coaches will develop a working relationship with the fencers based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Coaches will encourage and guide fencers to accept responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • Coaches will clarify with fencers, and their parents, exactly what is expected of them by reference to the fencers and parent’s charter.

Parents Charter

The Parents Charter forms part of the constitution of the Eltham College Fencing Club and should be read in conjunction with the Fencers and Coaches Charter.

  • Parents must ensure fencers attend training sessions regularly and arrive on time.
  • Parents must enter fencers into their relevant competitions and be prepared to transport fencers to and from competitions.
  • At competitions parents must act as spectators only and not get involved in fencing, coaching, refereeing decisions unless instructed by an Eltham College Coach. Parents must remember that the referee's decision is final and respect referees by not publicly questioning their honesty or decision making.
  • Parents must seek the Head Coaches approval before entering other competitions, taking on additional training or attending external courses. The Head Coaches decision is final in these matters.
  • Eltham College must be the fencer’s main base for training and fencers must only enter competitions under the name of Eltham College.
  • Parents must purchase breeches and long socks and obtain BFA membership to allow fencers to enter competitions.
  • Parents must remember that the fencers are competing for their own enjoyment and not for the parent’s ambitions or egos.
  • Parents must encourage children who get knocked out of competitions - never criticise or ridicule them.
  • Parents must applaud good play by all participants - children learn best by example.
  • Parents must teach children that honest endeavour is as important as victory. Defeat should be accepted with dignity.
  • Parents must feedback to coaches quickly if they feel the coaches have not provided the service outlined in the Coaches Charter.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

ECFC Summer Training Camp

This is still being finalised but likely to be 1st August for one week in Guernsey staying in Elizabeth College Halls of residence. Why Guernsey? Our Sports Hall will be closed all summer for refurbishment and our course will be following on from the Guernsey Commonwealth Games squad camp and we will have access to international coaches and Olympic fencers to assist with our camp.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

School Web Site Feature for Andrew

The school's web site recently featured Andrew Hughes and his gold medal success at the South East England U12 Epee Youth Championships.

Well done Andrew!