Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Training day

All Eltham fencers are welcome to attend our training day this Wednesday, 22nd December.
No need to text or email, just turn up at the Junior School Hall at 10am.
There will be sessions on fitness, performance, foil, epee, individual lessons and fun stuff.
We will finish at 5pm in the Sports Centre.
Packed lunch needed.
Cost for the day is £20.
Note: if the weather gets worse I will post here by 8am on Wednesday only if the course is cancelled.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

ECfencers training update

Sunday 19th December training session and Christmas meal are cancelled due to the snow.
Next session Wednesday 22nd December 10am to 5pm at the Junior School hall (finishing in the Eric Liddell Sports Centre).
No fencing on Boxing Day.
2nd Jan fencing in the Eric Liddell 10am to 2pm
9th Jan till March Sunday training will be in the Junior School Hall with revised times (to follow).
Meal postponed to January.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Intelligent Training

From: Andy (Web Admin)

Back in November I highlighted Jon Rhode's Smarter Goals Can Increase Performance article on the HighPerformance.Pro web site. It was insightful, and of use to parents as well as fencers. Jon's just published a new article entitled Periodisation – Intelligent Training. The article describes how to structure your training. Jon discusses how he goes about preparing a training plan for his clients, taking account of competitive events across the year, and creating cyclical activities of varying duration: macrocycles, mesocycles and microcycles.

This article helps ECfencers understand how Jon plans ECfencing activities across the fencing year, but also helps active parents think about their own training plans.

Monday, 6 December 2010

World Championships 2010 – Report from Chris

I went to the fencing World Championships in Paris as the Dutch foil coach.
In practice this meant that I was coaching 1 fencer, Sebastiaan Borst, who is a good friend and used to be my sparring partner when I was fencing in Holland. We used to go to the World Cups together and used to coach each other there. In the last two years I have been coaching him more and more at tournaments and I think we make a good combination.
The tournament for men's foil started on 4th November in a big sports hall called “Stade the Carpentier”. There were 159 competitors from all over the world.

The way they work with these tournaments is that the first 16 of the tournaments ranking list are immediately qualified for the main tournament (last 64-phase). Usually at the World Championships the first 16 of the tournament ranking list are the same names as the first 16 on the world ranking list, because everybody is present. Unfortunately for Britain Richard Kruse (world ranked number 4 at that moment) could not be there due to an injury.
Because the first 16 are already qualified for the final tournament phase the rest of the fencers have to fight for the remaining 48 places. The procedure is then to draw poules and after that eliminations till you reach that number of 48 remaining fencers. It pays to win all your poule fights, because the best 16 fencers after the poules are also immediately qualified for the last 64-phase. 20 percent of the field is eliminated after the poules. This usually means you have to win at least two fights in a poule of 7 and score a good number of hits in the fights you lost. After the poules they do eliminations till they have another 32 fencers to complete the schedule for the last 64 phase.

It was good to see that besides the traditionally strong countries like Italy, France, Russia, China etc. "new" fencing countries like Colombia, Thailand and Turkey were also present with surprisingly strong fencers.
Sebastiaan won 4 matches in his first pool, which ensured him qualification after the poules and a bye for the first elimination. So he was only 1 fight away from qualifying for the last 64 -phase.
He had to eliminate against a very strong fencer from Venezuela. Antonio Leal is world ranked 33 and the winner of the Pan-American Championships 2010. This is the equivalent of the European Championships for the North, Central and South American zone.
Leal is a very quick attacking fencer with a lot of energy and stamina. We went for a defensive tactic since this is already one of Sebastiaan strong points and it had worked quite well in the poule. The first 3 minutes were equal and ended in a 5-4 lead for Leal. In the second period Sebastiaan fenced really well. Good distance control, footwork, parry-ripostes and attacks on preparation made him win the fight comfortably with 15-8. So he was qualified for the second day.
This phase of the tournament was held 3 days later in the Grand Palais on the Champs Elysees central Paris. A fantastic location! Not a sports hall but a beautiful palace hall with amazing natural daylight coming through the many glass windows. In fact the whole palace is an amazing building made of steel, stone and glass.

Sebastiaan had to fence the number 14 of the world and the current number 3 of the last European Championships, the Russian Renal Ganeev.
Again we went for a defensive tactic, because Sebastiaan fenced a lot better defensively than offensively. It was a nerve racking slow scoring match, since Ganeev also went for a defensive tactic. Ganeev was from the beginning leading a two point difference. With only 45 seconds to go in the last period Ganeev scored 10-7. Sebastiaan did not give up and slowly clawed back two points. With only 6 seconds to go he made a very good compound attack only to miss his opponent’s jacket by an inch. One could almost hear the foil tip scratch over the Russian's lame. But the light did not go up...
Since they were standing in a short distance deadlock precious seconds ticked away. The fight was only halted with 2 seconds remaining. This was simply not enough time to surprise the experienced Russian who smartly backed away..
The 10-9 loss gave us a bitter taste, because Sebastiaan was so close. But in all honestly he had fought very well and these sort of bouts can go both ways.

The four English foil fencers had all made it to the last 64, but were all sadly also eliminated in their first fights.
Rhys Melia lost 15-4 to Yuki Ota (Japan), Jamie Kember lost to Gerek Meinhardt (USA) 15-10, Laurence Halsted lost 11-12 to Maor Hatoel (Israel) and Edward Jefferies did not fence his fight due to food poisoning.
Maybe disappointing but nothing to be ashamed of if you see how their opponents all ended in the final ranking; Ota 3rd, Meinhardt 3rd and Hatoel 8.

We stayed to watch the finals and saw some amazing fencing. The semi-final between the technically almost perfect fencers Yuki Ota from Japan and Sheng Lei from China was an amazing display of skills. The man of the day was the German fencer Peter Joppich who had escaped a few very close fights on his way to the final where he, for the fourth time in his life, won the world title. Mentally Peter Joppich is one of the strongest fencers I have ever seen.

It was a very good experience and hopefully next time Sebastiaan will do even better.

Chris Galesloot, ECfencing Foil Coach

Monday, 29 November 2010

Mobile Fencing (with Apple iPhone & iPod touch)

From: Harry Calder

Here is a quick review of some good iPhone (and iPod touch) apps for fencing on the app store.


This app is a score counter to be used during a match. It has a lovely interface, smooth graphics and cool sound effects. It doesn't have all the features of a paid app such as a pool sheet and it took me a minute to work out how to change the names of fencers from the standard left and right, but considering it's priced at nothing it's definitely worth getting if you don't want to pay. (7/10, A solid app, but lacking some features of the paid ones.)

Score Counter

This app isn't quite as smooth as its rival Fence. It doesn't have any features such as saving bouts and naming fencers, and the graphics are pretty poor. It looks as if the buttons have been copied and pasted off the Internet and it makes a weird sound when you tap them. This app has been put together shoddily and I wouldn't recommend it if you are going to go with a free app. (5/10, Functional, but not extensive or pretty)


FencingRef (£1.19)

This app is a really, really good way of keeping score in fencing. Whereas the others are all more of novelties than actually useful apps, this one really does make refereeing bouts easier. You can make pools of up to 8 fencers in the program itself and name the fencers in the pool. It then automatically sequences the bouts and takes you to the scoring screen with the names of the fencers on the top and the ability to switch the sides they are on to avoid confusion. If you double tap the time in the middle the start/stop button enlarges to make it easier to stop quickly and the buttons are very quick and responsive. There are shortcuts to different times on the clock and it also has an injury time clock. Hopefully you won't need to use them, but it also includes cards, so no more fumbling around in your pocket. (9.8/10, Really great, but support for odd numbers and more people in the pools would certainly be nice)

If you have £1.20 spare then I would definitely go with fencing ref, but otherwise fence is the one to go for. I will add to this article as I discover more apps and have the money to buy them, as most fencing apps are paid, but in my opinion FencingRef is one of the best out there.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Sunday Training Schedule

All fencers to arrive at 9.50am ready to start at 10am.
Junior School fencers fininh at 1pm (or anytime until 2pm if they want to practice).
Senior School fencers to finish at 2pm.

All fencers will recieve an individual lesson every week.
Fencers to bring water, snack bar and training diaries.

9.50am Fencers arrive
10.00am Senior fencers – S&C in gym (JR)
10.00am Junior Fencers - warm up game / fitness in hall (TOC)
10.30am Footwork (CG and TOC)
11.00am Group work - weapon groups, performance, fitness etc (CG KD TOC JR)
12.30pm Team talk
12.40pm Individual Junior lesson lead by senior fencers
1.00pm Individual Senior lesson lead by coach & free fencing (CG TOC KD EG)
2.00pm Finish

Eltham College to host the Kent U16 and senior boys/girls Championships

As the new Secretary of the Kent County Amateur Fencing Union, I have been asked to host and run the U16 and senior boys/girls Kent Championships on 16th January 2011 (the school's Secretary is abroad with the GB U17 squad for this event).
This is a 3 weapon competition and entrants must be over 14 years* and be full time in senior school, (*i.e. not be eligible to enter the U14 event in May).
Entry to the competition is through

Young Official Piste Assistants Award
For Senior School ECfencers we are running the Young Official Piste Assistants Award during the competition which includes scoring, timekeeping, writing pool sheets and assisting the referees and competition organisers.
We won’t be able to accept non-ECfencers for this award but hopefully we will be able to in the future.
Cost for course is £5 (cheques only please payable to British Fencing).
Please contact Tim if you wish to enrol your son for the award.

Parents needed to help
ECfencing parents will be needed to help with setting up, providing hot and cold refreshments throughout the day and generally marshalling the event.
Please contact Tim if you can help on the day.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Jon Rhodes’s FAQ’s

This article will allow us at Eltham College Fencing to offer best practice to our fencers, parents and our website followers.

My son trains 3 times a week – is this enough?
YES! There are two prominent ways a fencer drops out – injury from overtraining and/or burnout. Twice a week is perfect for fencing training for children in the junior school (U11). In the senior school we aim for three times per week. We hope the fencers play other sports too. Being a multi-sports player will help with coordination, physiological development and athleticism.

Will my son develop a big front leg and forearm from fencing?
Fencing is an “asymmetric” sport and there may be muscular developments on prominent sides. However this is due to incorrect training. Our aim is not just to make your children into fencers, but we aim to make your children into athletes first. We recommend your children play other sports too – swimming is probably best to physiologically develop.

My son doesn’t eat or drink during competitions – is that normal?
Yes, very normal but don’t panic! Eating small amounts will help with energy levels – but remember that there is enough energy (fat/carbs/protein) in your body to run a marathon without eating for around 2 weeks!!! The most important factor is HYDRATION. A 2% (per Kg of body weight) loss of sweat will result in a decrease in performance. A sports drink will have carbohydrates inside; so will provide as much energy as a sandwich. As you are fully aware, fencing clothes SMELL – and children will often lose (around) 1 litre per HOUR! The best investment you will ever make is to buy your child a water bottle, saving £1000’s per year.

Will caffeine help my child?
Caffeine is a stimulant so will provide some benefits to fencing. Red Bull contains Tourine which is currently on the banned substance list, thus cannot be taken for sport – although it is very unlikely your child will be tested for drugs unless they win an International event. I always try to ensure our fencers train like they compete so the best way to equip a lunch box is to just keep doing what you are doing – ensuring there is a water bottle present.

Which fencing shoes are the best?
Whilst Psycho wears Hi-Tech squash shoes with lots of grip when doing footwork, Trout wears Nike Ballestras which provides stability when recovering. Elf has recently been wearing Adidas D’Artagnan which are specialised for lunging and Rabbit wears New Balance trainers which he assures me are very comfortable! I didn’t know the answer to this question so I asked an expert! I have been informed that it is best for “youngsters” (U21) to wear a shoe that has lots of grip for lunging and recovery during footwork. “In the 16 years I have been fencing the best shoe is the AdiStar which provides sufficient grip and is comfortable”. At the time, the World top 10 fencer was wearing the Leon Paul Hi-Tech Scimitar shoe on his front foot and an Adidas AdiStar shoe on his back foot. I asked him “was it dark when you got up this morning?” and he replied, “I slide my back-foot and the AdiStar allows me to do so effectively…the Leon Paul provides grip when I explode into a lunge”. The solution may be to wear odd shoes, but for our fencers it’s best to go for grip!

My child gets nervous before he competes, how can I control this?
Nerves are good! Butterflies are a physiological indication that you are going to have to behave in a certain way – this will allow the fencer to prepare for performance. However, as all psychologists know, too much anxiety can be perceived as a “catrastrophy to performance”. The parent and coach are performers too – let me explain. If you panic over your child they will panic too – “mirroring”! If you are calm they will mirror you and their anxiety will drop. It is the parents/coaches Performance that impacts on the fencer. It is the job of the sport psychology consultant – me – to provide your child with tools to deal with anxiety and maintaining focus. Excellent ways of controlling nerves are music, positive self-talk, imagery, performance routines, goal setting and training diaries – all of which your child knows about.

What age should my child be going to the gym?
Every week EC Fencing dedicates 20 minutes to technique development. We practice back squats, front squats, overhead squats, lunges, scapular retraction, PNF stretching and plyometrics. It is our aim to make your children athletes, not just fencers! These exercises are completed with no weights. It is most beneficial for children to start weight training after puberty to ensure bone growth is maximised. Cardiovascular exercises can be completed throughout childhood and we provide an intense cardio workout during Sunday training. Plyometrics are completed on rubber/spring flooring and kept to 50 bounds per training session – although fencing is a plyometrics exercise.

Please leave comments below if you would like other questions discussed.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Smarter Goals Can Increase Performance

From: Andy (Web Admin)

The HighPerformance.Pro web site (operated in part by coaches Jon and Katie) has a great series of articles about sport psychology methods that can be used to optimise performance (in and out of sport).The first article is entitled Smarter Goals Can Increase Performance and considers the motivational tool of goal setting (how setting specific and attainable goals can help motivate and improve confidence). Recommended reading for fencers and parents alike!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Mobile Fencing (with Google Android)

From: Jordan Ratcliffe (Team Manager)

I recently got a phone that uses Google Android (it's an LG Optimus GT540). It's a good phone, but more interestingly there are a lot of apps available to run on Android, so I thought I'd have a look for some fencing-related apps. I went to Android Market on my phone and searched for fencing. Two apps caught my eye: Fencing ScoreKeeper and Riposte. So I downloaded them and gave them a try. Here are my findings and recommendations.

Fencing ScoreKeeper
It’s nicely presented with a small logo of a sword on your desktop and is free to boot so no worries about wasting your money.

When you initially load it up it will bombard you with an ad for the full version with extra features and afterwards it will be equally irritating for your eyes because of the large bright green digital numbers and a painter's pallet of penalty card buttons.

It’s nice and easy to use, with no instructions needed and gives you all the information you need in that soothing shade of fluorescent green. Some of the buttons do seem a little small but are remarkably easy to use. Unfortunately however, the score only goes up to five without paying $3 for an upgrade which is just a hassle.

You can read more about Fencing ScoreKeeper on the authors' web site (42solutions).

Overall it does everything you need, it’s just a bit in-your-face sometimes and doesn’t allow you to do direct elimination fights although you could do some improvisation, again its just a hassle.

Like Scorekeeper, Riposte has a nifty, stylish logo and comes free.

Although when you load it up it also gives you a message, it gives some instructions on how to use it instead which is helpful because this app is a little more complicated.

Again, it is actually quite simple to use although you do need to read the message to know how to lower the score (press and hold the fencer’s score you want to lower), determine priority and start a new bout. The display has a black background which is a bit boring but definitely an improvement and the features have ample room and clear font which is easy on the eyes. To get to some features you need to press the options menu button on your phone (on my phone it looks a bit like a square) to open a menu which lets you start a new round and also has a settings page which lets you change sounds, vibrations etc. Sadly you can’t change the period and like Scorekeeper the score only goes up to 5. Unfortunately, there isn't an upgrade to up the score.

The Outcasts
I did try some other apps such as Masque Mobile and Arbitroid but didn't like any of them for the following reasons. Fencing Score and Masque Mobile both had to be paid for which is understandable (everyone has to make money) but simply can't compare to an app that is free! Although Arbitroid was free I just didn't like the layout and found it a little clunky and difficult.

The Case of the Disappearing App
I have heard reports that Riposte is no longer on the Android marketplace but I have checked and it is, so you can put down your binoculars.

Overall, Riposte is very easy to understand, has more features and is quite attractive and so definitely gets my recommendation.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Elliott Grover joins EC coaching staff!

During October half term Elliott Grover passed the Level 1 Coaching Awards in both foil and epee.
The Eltham coaches and fencers are all very proud of his achievement and look forward to Elliott developing our fencers as he takes on his new role.

Elliott started fencing at 10 years old when fencing was re-introduced to the school and he quickly became hooked with the sport.
His pro-active attitude and high level of commitment has been an inspiration from the start and has been the secret behind the success of the teams continued development. It is fair to say that the team has grown up with Elliott.
There is probably not a single fencer or coach at Eltham who hasn’t benefitted from Elliott’s advice, whether at training or at competition.

Elliott, who is currently ranked 52nd in epee in Great Britain, has assisted with coaching the younger fencers at the school for the past 4 years and is also a level 1 epee referee and has passed 2 modules of the Journeyman Armourers award. He is now the youngest teacher on the school payroll!

Ells hasn’t forgotten that he is a fencer first; he still trains hard and competes in Cadet, Junior & Open competitions.

Pictures from the coaching course are here.

Congratulations to Katie “Mum” Dolan

From the BF website:

“British Fencing is pleased to announce that it has appointed Katie Dolan as Events Coordinator.

Katie will be responsible for supporting a range of events, inlcuding the National Academy and our domestic and international competition programme. Katie will also work to support the Competitions and Calendars Committee, currently being recruited.”

Well done Katie from everyone at ECfencing!

Elite Epee 1 – results

Andrew Hughes – Bronze
Adam Whitelaw – 5th place
Ben Ellis – 15th place
Oakley Hill-Smith – 25th place

Jordan Ratcliffe – 37th place

Monday, 18 October 2010

Members Area - Options

The ECfencing web site is open and free to read for anybody in the world with internet access. The Members area, on the other hand, is a restricted area for fencers, coaches and parents to share information and conversation.

To date, the Members area has been under-used. Tim and I hope to make greater use of it in the coming months; however, a small test by Tim last week revealed that some advice on members' options settings would be useful.

When you become a member, your default settings will specify that you wish to receive an email every time there's an update in the members area. When the volume of traffic is low this isn't an issue, but last week showed that it may not be the best setting for those who don't want to be involved in interactive conversations by email!

I recommend that you log-in to the Members area, click Edit My Membership over the right-hand side, and change the "How do you want to read this group?" setting to the "Abridged Email" or "Digest Email" settings.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to email me. I'm happy to help.

Fresh and Up-To-Date

From: Andy (Web Admin)
I've been a bit lax with web site maintenance lately. I apologise.

However, I've just caught up with a number of outstanding items and I thought you might be interested to know...

-- The competition results page is now up-to-date

-- The gallery page now shows our latest video and a link to our YouTube channel. And Tim has added a number of new albums

-- The contacts page now shows Chris G's fencing CV and will soon show similar information for our other coaches. This will help you to see the quality of the team that Tim has created

-- Too late for a separate post now (sorry Claire, entirely my fault), Matt Tuck (Lemming and Crumb's Dad) ran in the London Parks Half-marathon last Sunday and recorded a very creditable time of 2hrs 13mins. He was running in aid of Bowel Cancer research (a charity particularly dear to Matt's heart, as he lost his dad to bowel cancer in 2004). If you would like to support him, visit Matt's JustGiving page

-- And I should add that Mary has been busy updating the diary with upcoming events. Fencing is a competitive sport... make sure you're keeping up-to-date with upcoming events and getting your entries in on time! If you have ideas on how this process can be made easier for you (without actually doing it for you) please let Mary know at

-- And finally, if you haven't already seen or heard, the London 2012 Olympic Games ticket prices have been revealed. In addition to the pricing details, you can view the draft competition schedule on the London 2012 web site. The draft schedule shows fencing at Excel between Saturday July 28th and Sunday 5th August 2012.

Enjoy your half-term break.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Camden LPJS Foil 2010

Results from last weekend:

Michal Burda 7th place
Lewis Tuck 8th place

Harrison Hazeldine 25th place
Ben Dines 27th place
Christian Mitchell 30th place

Owen Tuck 37th place

Adam Aspden 11th place

Friday, 24 September 2010

Premier Foil at Southampton September 2010


Under 9
Michal Burda 7th place
Ethan Wells 9th place

Under 11
Luke Wells 11th place

[Update: Results are now available on Rankings page of the Premier Foil web site]

Manchester Cadet 2010 Results

Men’s Epee
Elliott Grover 40th
Jordan Ratcliffe 47th

Men’s Foil
Adam Aspden 72nd

A few photos of Ells are here.

[Update: Results are now on the ManCad web site]

Summer Camp 2010

Our fencers now;
Understand the importance of a planned routine to prepare for competition.
Understand how to make a game plan to approach each opponent and how to alter the plan during combat.
Understand how to analyse their opponents.
Have improved their footwork.
Have improved their fitness and stamina.
Have improved their strength and conditioning.
Understand how teamwork can help improve all our fencers ability.
Understand the value of training diaries.
Can carry out repairs and maintenance on their weapons.
Have improved close quarter combat, fl├Ęche attacks and pronated parries.
Have proved once again that they are worthy of the time and effort needed by the coaches to help them succeed.

Some pictures from the week are here.

Also a preview copy of the video shown on the last day recapping the week is here. Copies are available (at a cost) on request, together with the portrait photos taken by Fergus and Robin.

Olympic Site Visit 2010

Prior to our Summer Performance Camp we had a tour of the Olympic site organised by Mr. Wells.
A full story, written by a fencer, will be published here later and be printed in the next Sword Magazine.
Pictures from the trip are here.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

British Selection Circuit (Epee) and London Foil

Jordan and Ells (yes, Tim takes much better pictures than me!)
From: Andy (Web Admin)
Three club fencers were competing this weekend, in two separate locations.

Jordan Ratcliffe and Elliot Grover were in Hampton at the British Selection Circuit event for epee. This was a combined U17 and U20 event, so a tough step up for Jordan and Ells. Both fencers put on a good showing in the poules. With 78 entrants, Jordan was seeded 76= and Ells a fantastic 52. Sadly, these two seedings resulted in the Eltham fencers facing each other in the first round! Ells won the intra-Eltham match 15-9 and faced the 13 seed (Dixon) in the 2nd round. Sadly, Ells lost this match 7-15. All-in-all, both fencers did very well against much older competition. [Update: Results are now on Kate Smith's web site]

Meanwhile, Adam Aspden (supported by Jon Rhodes) was competing in the London Foil at Brunel University. It too was an under 20 event with some of the top ranked fencers in the country competing. He fenced very well, and was one of the youngest (and shortest!) competitors there. Despite winning only one of his poule fights the rest were close fought matches. Although he did not make the DE (missing out on it by 3 hits) he gained valuable experience. [Update: Results are now on the London Foil web site]

Adam is hoping to build on that experience when he fights at the Manchester Cadet Foil event next weekend, and so are Jordan and Ells who are competing in the ManCad Epee next weekend.

Monday, 23 August 2010

"New" Venue for Sunday Coaching

From: Andy (Web Admin)

Next Sunday (29th) sees coaching revert to the Eric Liddell Sports Hall. Sunday coaching will no longer be held in the Junior School Hall. You will recall that coaching sessions were temporarily moved to the Junior School Hall whilst a new floor was laid in the Eric Liddell Sports Hall.

This coincides with the introduction of a new, fixed message box on the ECfencing web site that highlights the location of Sunday coaching sessions. You'll see this in the left margin, near the top of the web site. Tim and I will work hard to keep this correct and accurate at all times. The new message is in response to suggestions from parents at the recent picnic. Thanks for the suggestion folks!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Summer Course 2010 update

We now have an armourer for the week, Adrian Mason, who some of you will remember from the Chichester course last year.
Fergus Noone will be joining us on Wednesday to take photos of the fencers.

Please bring lunch, snacks and plenty of water. Also two pairs of trainers, one for fencing and one for outside.
Fencers already using training diaries should bring those also.

Please do not bring iTouch, DS or similar! You won't have time to play on them.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Olympic Site Tour Friday 20th August

Meet at the Olympic bus tour pick up point by 9.30am (see map in the Files section of the Members area).
There is parking at Stratford Shopping Centre next to the rail station.
Some of us are travelling from Lewisham Station; if you want to go with us meet at the DLR platform at 8.30am.
We will be returning to Stratford approximately 11.30am.
Only people already signed up can attend.
Everyone MUST bring photo ID or you will not be allowed to go.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Picnic - Confirmed

From: Andy (Web Admin)

Per my original note wherein I said I'd put a note on the web site prior to midday, the weather looks like it'll be kind to us. The picnic will definitely go ahead.

The boys will finish fencing at 1pm and the picnic will commence immediately after. I suggest we collect together at about 1:15pm for any announcements that may be appropriate.

Monday, 2 August 2010

All Set for this Sunday's Picnic

From: Andy (Web Admin)

With fingers crossed for the weather, we're all set for the picnic next Sunday (8th, see previous post).

Many people are still on holiday, so it won't over-subscribed. We'll get some table and chairs arranged. Please bring your food and drink (of your own choice), but be prepared to share.

Families very welcome. It kicks off at 1pm. Water pistol fight soon after.

See you there

Bromley win London Youth Games

Now that the London Games are over for 2010 the London Borough of Bomley have won overall.

Our fencers that took part in the games; Jordan, Adam A, Adam W, Harry C and Andrew have been invited to the Great Hall at Bromley Civic Centre to celebrate the victory.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Senior National Championships in Sheffield

Well done to Katie for her 3rd place representing Salle Lawrence in the Women’s Epee Team event and to Chris for his 3rd place representing Salle Boston in the Men’s Foil Team event.
Also congratulations to Ells and Jordan for their 5th place victory playing “Deadstorm Pirates” video game before the £1 coins ran out.

Pictured are Ells and Jordan with Jon Willis (British Epee Champion), Chris fencing on the right and finally Katie fencing on the left (pictures may be in a different order depending on your browser).

Friday, 23 July 2010

No Training This Sunday - 25th July 2010

From: Andy (Web Admin)

There is no training this Sunday (25th July). Katie and Chris are competing at the GB National Championships in Sheffield. Tim and Jon (and Elf & Rabbit) are cheering them on.

Normal service resumed next weekend - Sunday 1st August

Fencer & Family Picnic - Sunday 8th August 2010

From: Andy (Web Admin)

We didn't have an end-of-term meal, so we're organising a simple, informal picnic to be held at the junior school at 1pm after fencing on Sunday 8th August. Weather permitting! All ECfencing members and their families are very welcome.

It'll be a "bring your own" affair, but we'll try to organise a list of things for the fencers to bring so we don't end-up with 200 sausage rolls and no drinks!

Hopefully the weather will be fine. We'll make a judgement on the day. If we need to cancel then we'll put a note on the web site prior to midday.

Elf has suggested that a water fight might also be arranged. So, come armed with a suitable change of clothes and a battery of Super Soakers!! You have been warned.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Bromley Schools Challenge 2010

On Sunday 4th July we hosted the second Bromley Schools Challenge and once again it was a great success. Well done to all the fencers that took part. Special mention goes to James Marsden who won Bronze in the strongest age group in his first competition.
In addition to our 10 fencers we also had 12 referees and helpers as well as parents manning the refreshment stall and check in desk. Thank you to everyone involved for making it a fun days fencing. for Some photos of the event are here.

U/10 Boys (Yr 2 - 4)
1st Fergus James ELTHAM COLLEGE
2nd Michael Burda ELTHAM COLLEGE
3rd Max Otoro Hopkins VIRGO FIDELIS
5th Ethan Wells ELTHAM COLLEGE
7th Zaki Boudjemaa ELTHAM COLLEGE

U/12 Boys Yr 5 – 7)
3rd James Marsden ELTHAM COLLEGE
3rd George Garton ELTHAM COLLEGE
5th Oakley Hill-Smith ELTHAM COLLEGE
6th Luca Elkouby VIRGO FIDELIS
7th Jelani Bryan VIRGO FIDELIS
11th James Millican ST. CHRISTOPHER’S SCHOOL
13th John Concagh VIRGO FIDELIS
14th Christian Mitchell ELTHAM COLLEGE
15th Vishnu Dhir ST. JOSEPH’S SCHOOL

U/10 Girls (Yr 2 - 4)

U/12 Girls (Yr 5 - 7)
2nd Kaylin Crossland ST. CHRISTOPHER’S SCHOOL

EC fencers pass refereeing award

On Sunday 4th July after the Bromley Challenge the following fencers passed their practical exam for the Level 4 Epee Referee award – Elliott Grover, Andrew Hughes and Adam Whitelaw. Coaches Katie and Tim passed the Level 3 award. Having already passed the theory exam we now have 5 qualified referees at Eltham College.

Diary Update

From: Andy (Web Admin)
The competitions and events that Tim mentioned recently are now in the Diary thanks to Mary (Competitions Secretary).

You can visit the diary page and print it (there's a Print button which then offers a preview), or you can copy individual events to your own Google Calendar by clicking on each and then clicking Copy To My Calendar.

Clicking on an individual event in the diary and then clicking More Details will open-up the event and offer the information in a more accessible fashion.

"I've looked at the new diary entries. What's NIF?"... See What is NIF?

Monday, 28 June 2010

Bromley Summer Schools Challenge 2010

On Sunday 4th July in the Eric liddell Sports Centre we are hosting the 2nd Bromley Challenge.
Fencers from St. Christopher’s, Scott’s Park, St. Josephs, Parish Primary and Bishop Challoner will be taking part.
All EC fencers U9 or U11 can take part in this competition.
Also volunteers from parents and older fencers are needed to run the refreshments, organise the fencers, set up and clear away the hall.
All fencers who have passed the theory section of the referee course can be examined for foil and/or epee during this event.
Finally all fencers with school foil kit need to return the equipment during the week or on Sunday at the latest; especially needed are foils, lames and bodywires.
All fencers wishing to take part, fencers and/or parents offering to help and fencers/coaches wishing to be examined for Grade 3/4/ referee must contact Tim ASAP.

Junior School Inter-house Competition 2010

Well done to the Livingstone team of Andrew Hughes, George Garton and Richard Trew who retain the Inter-house shield for the 2nd year running.
Carey, who were a fencer down, were gallantly and tearfully represented by the Wells brothers, Luke and Ethan, who were the runners up after beating Chalmers 45-44 to reach the final.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

England Youth Championships 2010 at Hatfield

Although not our best results so far this year, most fencers will still be in the same age groups next year. Well done to all fencers taking part, and congratulations to Oakley for being our Fencer of the Week for his 11th placing in epee. Roll on 2011!

U11 Epee
Oakley Hill-Smith 11th place

U11 Foil
Luke Wells 24th place
Ben Dines 32nd place
Christian Mitchell 33rd place
Ethan Wells 49th place

U13 Epee
Andrew Hughes 11th place
Adam Whitelaw 19th place

U13 Foil
Andrew Hughes 24th place
Harry Calder 35th place
Elliot Wedge 57th place
Tim Pearson 60th place

U15 Foil
Adam Aspden 38th place

Autumn Term fixtures

The fixtures for next term (so far) are in the Members Area in an excel spreadsheet.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Tour of Olympic Site

On Friday 20th August at 9.30am we have a tour planned of the Olympic site thanks to Stephen Wells, father of Luke and Ethan. This includes a tour bus ride of the site, a talk in the visitor centre and going up the “view tube”. This should last about 1½ hours. A representative from British Fencing will be there to take pictures of our fencers at the site for publicity, perhaps in a future Sword magazine article or on the BF website. Places are limited to 30 so please email Tim if you would like to go, fencers get preference before parents!

Summer Camp – date change!

Congratulations to Katie Dolan and Jon Rhodes who have been selected as part of the team running the first National Academy in Nottingham this summer. Unfortunately the NA dates clash with our summer camp so our camp date has changed to the following week; Monday 23rd August to Saturday 28th August.

London Youth Games 2010

Our fencers Jordan Ratcliffe, Adam Aspden, Harry Calder and Adam Whitelaw, with support from Andrew Hughes made up the Junior Team representing Bromley and won both their pools rounds comfortably but were knocked out in the DE round. Bromley came 6th overall in fencing and the Borough came 15th in the games generally.

Fencing results:

1. Newham 50
2. Enfield 46
3. Lambeth 43
-- Haringey 43
5. Barnet 39
6. Bromley 37
7. Ealing 36
8. City of London 35
9. Wandsworth 34
10. Redbridge 33
11. Richmond 32
12. Bexley 31
13. Camden 30
14. Islington 29
15. Kensington 28
16. Brent 27
17. Waltham Forest 26
18. Kingston 25
19. Hillingdon 24

Full results for the Games:

1. Bexley 679
2. Greenwich 650
3. Hillingdon 641
4. Richmond 618
5. Croydon 596
6. Wandsworth 582
7. Redbridge 573
8. Enfield 533
9. Havering 523
10. Kensington and Chelsea 473
11. Barnet 460
12. Barking and Dagenham 451
13. Tower Hamlets 444
14. Kingston 438
15. Bromley 437
16. Ealing 429
17. Lambeth 407
18. Sutton 395
19. Islington 394
20. Harrow 389
21. Hackney 385
22. Camden 375
23. Lewisham 358
24. Westminster 353
25. Waltham Forest 347
26. Brent 341
27. Newham 339
28. Southwark 309
29. Hammersmith and Fulham 306
30. Haringey 269
31. Merton 260
32. Hounslow 175
33. City of London 141

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Well done Cathy

Well done Cathy (and no more microwave meals for your family)
Cathy Ratcliffe will be visiting our team training on Sunday 27th June to tell us about her cycle ride from Land's End to John O'Groats.

Chris wins Gold in Amsterdam

Well done to Chris on retaining the team title.

Chris report:

On Sunday the 6th of June the National Dutch Team Championships took place in Amsterdam.
My team is Scaramouche Fencing Club from Arnhem.
Last year we won the title in men's foil, and we were keen on taking the cup with us again.
Since we were seeded number 1 and there were 11 teams in total, we had a bye in the last sixteen and were immediately qualified for the quarterfinals.
In the quarterfinals we met Zair Fencing Club from Rotterdam.
A special meeting for me, since I lived and fenced in Rotterdam for many years. It meant I was fencing against my old sparring partners and we won the meeting quite comfortably with 45-26.
In the semi-finals we met the team from Alkmaar. In the beginning the fight was quite equal, but after the first few bouts we took the lead and comfortably won 45-29.
In the final we met our rival fencing club Amsterdam just like the year before.
We started very well and were leading after three bouts with 15-6. In the remaining bouts of the match we did not give this lead away and won the match with 45-34.
This meant for me the second Dutch team gold medal in a row!
So for all you Eltham fencers: I am sorry I was not there to train you on that Sunday, but I think the time was well spent!"

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Cycling Journey Ends

From: Andy (WebAdmin)
As a bookend to Tim's message a couple of weeks back, I wanted to let you know that Cathy finishes her Land's End to John O'Groats cycle today (Monday). It's a fantastic achievement and we'll all be glad to get her back home again.

She's been keeping a blog with words and photos throughout her journey. You can view it at

And finally, on behalf of Cathy, I offer a big thank you to all the fencers, parents and coaches who contributed to her JustGiving appeal for Demelza Hospice Care for Children. As I write this article, her appeal totals £470. Fantastic!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Date for your diary - EC Fencing Summer Camp

Monday 16th August to Saturday 21st August
Full details to follow

Bromley Summer Schools Foil Challenge

Sunday 4th July at Eric Liddell Sports Centre
This competition will be for novices only so no team fencers will be selected.
However team members can assist with the running of the event.
Fencers who have passed the refereeing theory test can be examined for the Grade 4 refereeing award at this competition.
Picture is last years Bromley Challenge.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fencing parent needs your support

Cathy Ratcliffe is to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats over a 10-day period in June 2010, to raise funds for Demelza House.

This is a huge task to accomplish and has required months of training to prepare for the challenge.

Cathy is the mum of Jordan Ratcliffe, the ECfencing Team Manager, who has given up a lot of his spare time over the past 4 years helping our team succeed.

Andy Ratcliffe, Jordan’s dad, has produced and maintains this web site (well, blog actually) and I know this has taken a huge amount of his time also.

Please support this worthwhile cause by donating to Cathy’s chosen charity.

Click here for Cathy's justgiving website.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Chris Galesloot joins ECfencing coaching staff

We are delighted to announce that Chris will be joining our coaching staff from next week.
He had high praise for our fencers after meeting and fencing us on Sunday, and we felt his motivation and pro-active approach will complement and enhance our fencer’s development.
Chris is still competing in ‘A’ grades, European and World Cup events but wants to wind down his competitive schedule to concentrate on coaching.
He will be running the team’s footwork routines each week, mentoring our elite foilists and assisting to prepare all our fencers for competition.
Having Chris on board means our foilists can develop in line with the epeeists without feeling that changing to epee is a ‘promotion’!

Invicta U11 Competition 23rd May 2010

Fergus James won Gold at the Invicta U11 foil event on Sunday, giving him 2 gold medals in 2 weeks. His dad reported on the competition: “There were about 20 children in the U11 Foil. Fergus won every match he played. The final was very exciting, with Fergus trailing 6-8 at one point. He kept coming back until the score was 8-9 and then came through to win 10-9. “

Premier Foil Series at Bristol 22nd May 2010

Michal Burda travelled to Bristol and reached the last 8 in the U9 event on Saturday.
Michal had previously come 5th and 6th in the series giving him an overall ranking of 4th. We have to wait till the results are updated to see his new placing in the series.

Refeering course passed

Congratulations to fencers Ells Grover, Jordan Ratcliffe, Adam Whitelaw, Thomas Hood, and Andrew Hughes and coaches Katie Dolan, Jon Rhodes and Tim O’Conor who all passed the theory test of the Grade 3/4 refeering exam. We all have to do a practical exam at a competition to become qualified referees. Keith Smith, BFA President, who ran the course commented “Many congratulations to all the participants. I was very impressed with the knowledge, enthusiasm and determination to do well”. If any other fencers would like to take the one day course then contact Tim.

ECfencing sponsorship

We are keen to get our team kit soon, so this is the last chance for any parents to offer their companies to sponsor our team. Contact Tim for details of how your company can benefit from sponsoring us!

Sunday Training

Training will continue till the end of the term in the main sports hall. There is no fencing on Sunday 13th June (London Youth Games) or Sunday 20th June (England Youth Championships).

Friday, 21 May 2010

Foil international fencer to visit EC

Chris Galesloot will be visiting us this Sunday (23rd May) to talk about his career and to demonstrate his skills by fencing our team. Chris is currently ranked 163 in men’s foil in the world but has now slowed his career to concentrate on coaching. All fencers should try and attend on Sunday.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Referees course on Saturday 22nd May

Keith Smith, BFA President, will be running our refereeing course on Saturday starting at 9.30am in the Junior School hall. Should be fun!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

ECfencers dominate the Kent Championships

As coaches, we have high expectations of our fencers, and our fencers have set high goals for themselves and train hard to achieve their targets

Eltham College fencers have been very successful in the Kent Championships for the past three years and last weekend we won 8 medals which is testament that our fencers are the best in the county.

We are especially proud of our Under 10 fencers who won all the available medals in their age group. This proves we have a great potential and can produce future champions.

It is difficult to pick out who were the best fencers as we were so very successful, but as usual Adam Aspden produced a mature performance to win silver in the Under 14 event.

The Wells brothers, Luke and Ethan, won silver in their age groups by keeping their cool and maintained focus.

The Tucks, Owen and Lewis, had a great days fencing and both won bronze in their age groups.

Performance of the day goes to Fergus who stormed to victory to win gold in the U10 age group. Fergus was consistently calm under pressure and out fenced all his opponents.

Good sportsmanship is always high on our agenda at competitions, we want our fencers to have fun and help others. To this end our fencers helped set up and clear away the event, and refereed during the day.

This story is also covered on the school’s website here
More pictures from the event are here

Kent Foil Championships results of all ECfencers:

Under 14
Adam Aspden 2nd

Under 12
Adam Whitelaw 1st
Luke Wells 2nd
Owen Tuck 3rd
Oakley Hill-Smith (last 8)
Tim Pearson (last 8)
Elliott Wedge (last 8)
Ben Dines (last 16)
Ben Ellis (last 16)

Under 10
Fergus James 1st
Ethan Wells 2nd
Lewis Tuck =3rd
George Garton =3rd
Harrison Hazeldine (last 8)
Christian Mitchell (last 8)
Michal Burda (last 8)
Charlie Cooper (last 8)
Demitri Webb (last 16)

Referees training day

There are still places on the Refeering course on Saturday 22nd May.
The morning session is theory with an exam in the afternoon.
I'm told that passing the exam will qualify for Grade 4 and taking a practical exam at a competition (such as the EYC) can qualify for Grade 3. Contact Tim to enrol.

England Youth Championships

ALL fencers over 10 years old should be entering the England Youth Championships at Hatfield on 19th and 20th June. The closing date for entries is Monday 7th June BUT the entries are limited so please enter TODAY. Follow the link here for more details and an application form (you can also apply online).

Junior School Team Photo

All Junior School fencing team need to bring breeches and long socks for the Team photo on Thursday this week.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Kent Championships – 16 May 2010

We have 20 ECfencers signed up for the Kent U10,12,14 Championships next Sunday; the highest number of entrants from our school ever. All coaches will be attending also to support and referee.
Fencers must bring all kit including 2 foils (Size 0 for U10, size 3 for U12 and U14) and 2 bodywires.
The entry fee is £10 (not £14 as the application form says), please pay Eltham College by cheque.

London Youth Games – 13 June 2010

This year we are supplying the whole Junior Squad for the LYG representing the London Borough Of Bromley. Adam Aspden, Adam Whitelaw, Jordan Ratcliffe, Oliver Noone and Harry Calder will be the Bromley Junior Team, alongside the Senior Team from Bishop Challoner School. Other fencers are welcome to attend as piste assistants and supporters. Click here for the LYG homepage for more info.

Tomorrow Achiever Training – 12 June 2010

Adam Aspden, Adam Whitelaw and Andrew Hughes have been accepted in the TA training programme – well done.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

News for ECfencers

Training Venue
All Sunday training for the rest of this term will be in the Sports Centre hall.
10am till 1pm (Elite fencers till 2pm).
There will be no Sunday training on 16th May, 13th June or 20th June due to competitions.

Kent Championships (16th May)
Last chance TODAY to sign up (email Tim),

Armouring and refereeing courses (15th May and 22nd May)
Last chance TODAY to sign up (email Tim), after today the BFA will be offering the remaining places to others.

Olympic News - unders 18's may now be able to volunteer after all
It looks like the organisers have seen sense and are reconsidering the rule that under 18's are not allowed to be volunteers at the games in 2012. Follow this link for more details.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

ECfencing News - 4 May 2010 - IMPORTANT INFO

IMPORTANT - Kent Foil Championships - Sunday 16th May 2010
We need to enter this competiton as a school, not individual entries.
ECfencers must email me by this Friday, 7th May or you wont be able to enter.
ALL fencers U14, including epeeists, should be entering this competition

RESULTS - British Youth Championships 2010
We won 2 medals in Sheffield last weekend, Andrew Hughes and Adam Whitelaw both made the last 8 in the Epee U12 event on Saturday. This is a great result and both fencers automatically qualify for next years event. Andrew made the last 16 in U12 foil on Monday. Pic is Andrew on the left, more photos from the event are here.

COURSE - Armoury Course - 15 May 2010
At the end of this week we will be offering places to non-ECfencers.
If you don't sign up without good reason, please don't expect those that do to repair your swords at competitions!

COURSE - Epee Refereeing course - 22 May 2010
All epeeists should sign up now for a one day refereeing course, leading to the Grade 4 refereeing award (foilists should be at the Premier Foil Series on 22 May so a later course will be arranged). Email me by the end of this week if you wish to attend.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Kit Xchange - First item on offer

We have our first item on offer in the Kit Xchange. Lemming has a brand new pistol grip on offer. See the Kit Xchange for details.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Quick update for EC fencers

1) No fencing this Suday because of BYC. 2) Sign up for armoury course (I'm going to keep on at you until you do!)

Monday, 26 April 2010

Photos by Fergus

There are now some great photos taken by Fergus in our on-line Gallery, and more on the schools photo drive. They are in two albums; "Public Schools National Championships 2010 - Fergus Noone" and "British Team Championships 2010 - Fergus Noone".

Armoury Course - Sign up now

ALL Eltham College fencers are to be trained in armoury and refeering, they are essential skills for fencers! Please sign up for the 15th May course ASAP. Details here.

England Fencing Tomorrow Achievers is back!

England Fencing has re-introduced the Tomorrow’s Achievers (TA) training courses.

The TA training sessions are a chance for young fencers who have already reached a high standard in their age-groups to train together for intensive, day long sessions. These cover all aspects of fencing, including warm-up, footwork and bladework as well as a chance to fence peers at national standard, but outside of the pressure of competition.

TA days are aimed at fencers in the 10 – 14 year old age bracket, and it is intended to act as a feeder to the newly established British Fencing Academy. Fencers should have been fencing for at least a year or two, be competing regularly and successfully, and aspire to fence at national and international level.

The first two TA training sessions will be at Rye St. Antony School, Franklin Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 7SA, on 22nd May and 12th June 2010.

For EC fencer’s entry to TA can be achieved by invitation (based on competition results) or by nomination (Head Coach recommending fencer to the TA organiser as being of an appropriate standard for TA). Parents can nominate their own sons but I respectfully request that EC parents do not go this route.

We are recommending 3 fencers for the TA at the moment: Adam Aspden, Adam Whitelaw and Andrew Hughes.

Warwick LPJS Epee Results - April 2010

The Warwick event in the Leon Paul Junior Series is one of the best run and best attended epee competitions in the fencing calendar. Reaching the last 8 was the target for our two intrepid epeeists last weekend; Adam Whitelaw came 6th and Andrew Hughes came 7th in the Under13 event. Well done!

Academy Cup Results - April 2010

The Academy Cup is a series of 4 competitions run throughout the year, and four Eltham College Club fencers attended the event last weekend
Adam Aspden, who had come 3rd twice last year, achieved a Silver medal in the Under14 event. His most notable match was winning the semis 15-12 coming back from 2-8 down.
Lewis Tuck and George Garton had to face each other early in the Under10 DE's and came 8th and 9th respectably. Owen Tuck came 10th in a difficult Under12 event.
Hopefully more EC fencers will sign up for the next Academy Cup event on 26th June 2010. Picture is Adam on the left in the final.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Armoury course and exam on 15th May

Saturday 15th May at Eltham College Junior School Hall.
Peter Huggins will be running the first two modules in the Journeyman Armoury Award.
Full details in previous post.
9.30am to 12.30pm Weapons Control*
12.30pm to 1pm Lunch (Bring packed lunch)
1pm to 4pm Fault finding
*Fencers who attended the weapons control module at Whitgift School don’t need to do this module again.
Limited to 15 places, open to EC fencers at the moment, but will extend to the public if places are available. Suitable for fencers and parents.
Cost is £5 per module per person.
Contact Tim O’Conor (see email address on contacts page) to reserve your place.

Officiating courses at Eltham College

After a visit to the club last Sunday by Jack Boteler, the BFA Young Official Development Officer, we are to hold our own officiating courses at the School. He enjoyed his visit to us, and especially liked the Q&A’s part when he was asked “do you like bagels”.

Unfortunately there are various age restrictions for the awards, but fencers can pass the exams early and the awards become “official” at the required ages. BUT all fencers that pass will get a certificate.

When dates for the courses become available they will be advertised here, and places will be offered first to Eltham College Club members, then to others outside the club.

Peter Huggins, chair of the Guild of Armourers will be instructing our fencers in the four modules needed to pass the Journeyman Armourer Award. The modules are:
1. Weapon control
2. Floor design, layout and piste laying including apparatus assembly
3. Fault Finding – personal equipment and apparatus
4. Equipment repairs
The full details of the modules are in a file “Journeyman armourer examination procedure” in the Files section of our member’s area.

David Baker and Nick Payne, both FIE referee’s, will be teaching and examining the grade 3 and 4 referees award.
Full details of the refereeing awards are at:

Piste Assistants Course
This course covers scoring & timekeeping for a referee, general introduction to officiating at fencing events.
We will be running these courses ourselves as and when required.
The course lasts 2 hours and you don’t have to be a fencer to attend.
The session includes a presentation and practical exam and candidates are provided with a resource booklet.

Competition Administrator
This is a one day course and includes training to run software used for international fencing events.
Applicant must have basic IT skills and must bring a laptop to the course.
No prior knowledge of fencing essential.
This course will run once we have enough candidates.

Discussion is Buzzing in the Members' Lounge

By: ECfencing Web Admin (Andy)

Well, if I'm honest, there's two new discussion topics since the weekend, one of which is from Tim and the other is from me! And there are only six members, so it's a bit lonely in the members' lounge. But I'd like to think those new topics are of interest to all fencers (and parents). Apply for membership! We want the opinions of fencers and parents in the discussions.

Membership is easy. Just visit the front door of the Members'Area (by clicking the Members links from the ECfencing web site, or going directly to If you have a Google Account (because you're a Gmail user for example) just click the "Sign in and apply for membership" link.

If you don't have a Google Account, fear not, you do not face a huge hurdle. Creating a Google Account is not a big deal and doesn't come with a heap of baggage. I wrote about this in a previous article but, simply put, you just need to click the "Sign in and apply for membership" link and then click the Create an Account button over the right-side.

Once you've got a Google Account and you've applied for membership of the club's discussion group, you'll quickly be granted membership (if I recognise you as a fencer, parent or coach) and you'll be able to access the Members' Area. Once in, I recommend you click the Edit My Membership link on the right-side of the page and select the most appropriate "How do you want to read this group?" option for you. In essence, you can choose to be emailed whenever there's a new addition to a discussion, or just once a day (with a digest of new posts), or never (meaning you need to visit the Members' Area to see the latest contributions to discussions).

The fencers always show a great deal of enthusiasm when offered the opportunity to contribute to the club's progression. The Members' Area will become a popular place for discussion. Join now, don't miss-out!

Elite Epee Grand Final results

The Elite Epee Series is a three event competition based near Leatherhead.

The three events are held in October, December and February, and the top 8 fencers overall are invited to the grand final in April. Being one of the best run competitions in the country it always attracts the best fencers, and to reach the final is an achievement in itself.

Club results after 3 events:

U13 3rd Adam Whitelaw

U13 4th Andrew Hughes

U13 12th Harry Calder

U16 30th Jordan Ratcliffe

U16 33rd Elliott Grover

Adam and Andrew, being placed in the top 8, were both fencing in the final last weekend. They had both previously won events in the series, but unfortunately didn’t have their previous success. Adam, fencing with a persistent injury, was placed 8th and Andrew (who was ranked 2nd after the pools) was placed 5th after being knocked out by William Woodley (ex-Eltham College) 12-10 in the first round.

Not winning a competition always means that there are lessons to be learnt, and our fencers need to remember to watch the time left in a bout, especially when the score is close. With 5 seconds left and a point down, you probably need to attack. With 5 seconds left and a point up, you probably need to run away (but not over the rear line).

Friday, 16 April 2010

New term, new web site, new challenges

After each terms fencing I always worry that we can’t improve on the previous terms successes.

However each term the fencers prove that I have nothing to fear - this year has started great with the Spring term producing 26 medals in 10 competitions, won by 10 different fencers.

Also 6 fencers have qualified as piste assistants, one fencer is learning about sports photography and another is training to become a qualified coach.

We have run 2 training courses, plus we are probably the first fencing team in the country to start using “Dartfish” video analysis (more on Dartfish to follow).

So now we start the Summer Term, and we’ve hit the ground running – tomorrow is the Elite Epee Final and on Sunday we are launching this blog site to the fencing team.

This term will be very busy for us, and includes the 2 main fixtures of the year; the British and England Youth Championships. We no longer ask IF we can get another fencer into the England Squad, we now ask WHEN.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Here's the web site

Here's a quick introduction to the highlights of the web site.
  • Click the silver, triangular Play button alongside the Prezi icon (at the bottom of the presentation frame below)
  • Wait until More appears at the right-side of the Play button
  • Click More then Full Screen
  • Finally, repeatedly click the Play button (or click your mouse button) to move through the presentation

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Olympic Alert - Register Your Interest

The London 2012 web site now allows you to register your interest in tickets. Tickets are not on sale yet! Signing-up will mean you get ticketing news when it's available. Within the registration questions you'll be asked to specify your favourite Olympic sports - don't forget to tick Fencing!

ExCeL, located in east London's Royal Victoria Docks, will host seven Olympic sports (Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Weightlifting and Wrestling) and five Paralympic sports (Boccia, Judo, Powerlifting, Table Tennis and Wheelchair Fencing) in five arenas. Up to 40,000 seats will be available to watch the action.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Posting Schedule

When an author publishes an article, it immediately becomes visible on the web site and will be tweeted pretty soon after. The following day it'll be included in the automatic email digest for all email subscribers.

If authors post their articles on random days, the email subscribers will get emails on many days of the week. This will lead to frustration over the volume of emails, and will lead to the club's messages being ignored and not read.

So, we have a publishing schedule whereby all but the most important messages are published on Monday so that they are automatically emailed on Tuesday. Our authors can write their articles on any day of the week and can specify the date that their articles should be published.

For your further information, the automatic emails are sent by Google Feedburner between 7am and 9am and they include all new articles since the last digest was sent. No email is sent on any day when there are no new articles!

When writing an article, authors can schedule the publication of their work, so they are not restricted to writing on Mondays! At the bottom of the article editing window is the Post Options link, just above the Publish Post button (see alongside here). After clicking the Post Options link, the author can select the publication date and date (see below). By selecting a time after 9am, the article will be automatically published on the chosen date and will be automatically emailed (and tweeted) the following day.

What Is A Google Account? Will I Need One?

You'll need a Google Account if wish to use the Members' Area or if you are to contribute articles to the web site. To simply use the web site (and receive email updates) you don't need a Google Account.

The club's web site is built upon a collection of Google components: principally Blogger, Feedburner, Calendar, Picasa and Groups. To play an active part in the Members' Area (a Google Group) you need to be known to Google, and that's where a Google Account comes in; it's a means of identifying yourself to Google, and you can use it across all Google systems. It's done by referring to your existing email ID - either your home email, or your work email, or some other email address.

If you're prompted to create a Google Account, just supply an existing email address as the Username, and choose a password (it doesn't have to be a password that you may already associate with the email address). Having done this you'll be prompted for a few more bits and bobs of information and then you'll be set.

Once you've got a Google Account you'll be surprised how many services Google supplies. The list includes Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, iGoogle (personalised search home page), and Buzz. You can use the same Google Account for all of these.

Friday, 12 March 2010

What is NIF?

Briefly, NIF stands for Notional International Fencer and is a statistical index of how strong a competition is.

This index is used to weight the ranking points given for results in competitions - clearly a 10th place in a competition with 100 entrants, including all of the top 10 fencers in the country is worth more than a 10th place in a competition with only 10 entrants, all of whom started fencing last week!

There's more information on the England Fencing web site.

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As proud parents of fencers, we'd all like to see the school web site feature more fencing(!), but the following selection shows that the school web site does a good job of reflecting the boys'continuing successes.

Seven medals in one week from five fencers was a great way to spend the February half term (wonderful photo too)

3 medals from 3 fencers in Somerset

5 medals at the Surrey Youth Championships in Epson

Harry Calder brings home bronze from Alencon, France